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a company that is incorporated but has no assets or operations


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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) chaired a hearing of the Helsinki Commission to examine the European Unions (EU) beneficial ownership transparency provisions and its success in limiting the use of shell corporations as a vector for authoritarian regimes influence in Europe.
In a reverse merger, a private corporation (the transferor corporation) is merged into an existing public shell corporation (the resulting corporation) with the public shell corporation surviving.
What we are dealing with is a shell corporation set up by a foreign company that caused a serious injury to a construction worker," Lucas said.
Unfortunately, mingled in with them are companies with nothing behind them besides a shell corporation, phony press releases and brokers willing to enter fraudulent orders to convince investors that there is broad interest in the stock.
Libananco is a shell corporation established by people close to Uzan's.
attorney's office said that MacKay, who appeared in federal court on March 3, created a shell corporation and used it to divert and launder money at Willis for funding college savings plans for his children; a $1.
There, a local school teacher named Margie Richard and other neighbors founded Concerned Citizens of Norco in 1990 and began demanding that Shell Corporation, the owner of the nearby petrochemical facilities, take responsibility for its pollution by relocating affected residents to a cleaner area.
In the reverse merger, the shell corporation acquires the private operating corporation by issuing stock to the owners of the private corporation.
shell corporation and its former CEO, John Lewis of Little Rock.
Argentine President Nestor Kirchner called for a national boycott against gasoline retailers who raised their prices in March, focusing specifically on US-owned Esso and Dutch-English Shell Corporation.
The groups were hardly grassroots organizations of inflamed citizens; the original chapter, in Weslaco, Texas, is just a shell corporation housed in the local chamber of commerce.
For example, the form for a Pinochet shell corporation stated that the owner's name is "Kept in Vault.
At the subcommittee's request, GAO bought surplus items though a shell corporation, acquiring operating lab equipment and other items at less than one-tenth of the original cost to the Pentagon, the report said.
A classic example of this latter category would be Shell Corporation and its close links with certain green groups.