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a bracket to support a shelf

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He then unclamped the board, cut notches for the shelf supports, and used that board as a guide for the other angled 2-by-4s.
These include the wide range of Ferrari European concealed hinges, epoxy coated Euroslides with three sets of stapling holes on each of the drawer members, TV swivels, leg levelers, glides, one-and two-piece connecting screws, fittings, twin wheel casters, shelf supports, door bumpers, towel racks, lift-up shelf mechanism, fold-out ironing boards, Lazy Susans, cutlery trays, built-in waste containers and much more.
Items include: shelf supports, swivel busing, lid support, dinette hardware and apron leg brackets.
Off the shelf support for leading circuit-switches gives Altus expandability when a network service provider adds new services and equipment.
Off the shelf support for leading router vendors: via Syndesis(R) Cisco Router Equipment Module, Syndesis(R) Juniper Router Equipment Module (M-Series), and Syndesis(R) Juniper ERX Router Equipment Module.
Workspace dimensions measure 30" wide x 48" deep x 57" high, and the oven is supplied with a shelf truck equipped with shelf supports on 3-1/2" centers.
All shelves, shelf supports, and guide rails are easily removable and can be autoclaved separately.
The bar is made up of recycled wood with old table legs forming the shelf supports and old drawers forming another part.
You can use the back of your wardrobe door for shelf supports.
Pictures also could be hung or propped against the wall on shelves, or even hung from the upright shelf supports.
Each shelf supports either SAS or SATA disks, enabling organisations to create up to three tiers of storage using 15k, 10k and 7.
An adjustable shelf supports a variety of thermal pour pots and airports to use with the system, and can accommodate the various sizes of these items.
After some rather non-telepathic debate, a flying Allen key and the sound of a slamming door, it was discovered that when the instructions had said, ``Join middle shelf supports with Allen screws 21'' they had actually meant, ``Join middle short shelf supports with Allen screws 21''.
The different tray depths on a single trolley are made possible by the company's patented system of adjustable shelf supports.
The adjacent shelf supports a blue-bound series with such titles as Environmental Criminal Liabilities, Environmental Law Handbook, Environmental Tax Handbook: Strategies for Compliance, and Endangered and Other Protected Species: Federal Laws and Regulations.