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The New York City Housing Authority had concerns about vandalism and maintenance, so architect Stephen Yablon used solid glass brick instead of plain sheet glass.
Nippon Sheet Glass will unload its 50 per cent stake in the venture, NH Techno Glass, to a special-purpose vehicle set up by Carlyle for 40.
Nippon Sheet Glass boss Yozo Izuhara said: "This is a friendly buyout.
The attempt to buy 180-year-old Pilkington, whose sales and market value are about double those of Nippon Sheet Glass, was seen as a big gamble, although access to Pilkington's production facilities could be key to Nippon responding to the rapid expansion of Japanese auto makers' overseas operations.
Japan's top maker of sheet glass and other glass products, announced Thursday it will acquire a 50% equity stake in the Daewoo group's Hankuk Electric Glass Co.
Such a high growth rate is expected to continue, with production being led by Nippon Muki and Nippon Sheet Glass.
Morgan Crucible, Nippon Sheet Glass, Expeditors International, Oryx Advanced Materials, Rapid Manufacturing Honored for Outstanding Performance
Japanese giant Nippon Sheet Glass reported sales of PS2.
Export growth will be achieved by increasing the supply of gold, apparel and accessories, fruits and vegetables, cotton fiber, sheet glass and cement.
Expansion of heavy equipment and construction machine assembling industries will contribute to boosting development of other related industries such as metal industry, plastic industry, sheet glass industry, iron and steel industry.
Tokyo, May 16, 2011 - (JCN) - AGC has developed ultra-thin sheet glass using the float process, measuring just 0.
PILKINGTON owner Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG) says it is continuing to perform well despite "challenging but stable" market conditions.
The glass maker will concentrate its resources on its core business fields such as sheet glass and glass substrates for liquid crystal display televisions, they said.
The UK's biggest glass maker was bought by Japanese firm Nippon Sheet Glass for pounds 2.