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Synonyms for sheer

Synonyms for sheer

to turn aside sharply from a straight course

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

so sharply inclined as to be almost perpendicular

Synonyms for sheer

turn sharply

complete and without restriction or qualification

not mixed with extraneous elements

Related Words

very steep


Related Words

straight up or down without a break

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Of Karl Marx he noted, "the genius of the old scribbler was to see how often the sheerly irrational intruded upon the material and utilitarian world of our great-grandfathers.
The floor of the valley, hazily distant, welcomed the eye with greenness; sheltered from winds, and surveyed rather than dominated by the lamasery, it looked to Conway a delightfully favored place, though if it were inhabited its community must be completely isolated by the lofty and sheerly unscalable ranges on the further side.
In other words, the process of XML coding sheerly for meter and rhyme spreads out in the most graphically suggestive fashion how much information lies coiled in the data bank that is a poem.
In another sense, it is to ask how excessive reading really can be, if the measure of such excess is the rendering of a text sheerly other to all interpretation.
The methodology marks a paradigm shift sheerly by the amount of time and effort saved during exchange of information of any and all kind.
Clearly for Perec, however, and this is what makes him the most sheerly lovable of all great contemporary writers, virtually every mode of writing could be regarded as lipogrammatic in its willful exclusion from the writer's field of vision of so much of the texture of the world.
But this brought me already into the region of awe, for I thus understood that in deepest solitude there is a road right out of the self, a commerce with something which, by refusing to identify itself with any object of the senses, or anything whereof we have biological or social need, or anything imagined, or any state of our own minds, proclaims itself sheerly objective.
ISRAEL SUPPORTER 14: The reason why more Israelis haven't been killed or wounded is sheerly by the grace of God, because God has been performing just miracle after miracle.
The former assumed that what China had can continue to make what China is and will be; the latter sheerly abandoned what China had, and instead embraced totally what the West has.
It follows one Tom, fighting sheerly out of duty and honor.
Autonomy--particularly the autonomy of thought itself committed to the elimination of sheerly given authority across not just ethical but all intellectual life--must be directed against apriority, since this itself is simply a rationalist form of givenness, and therefore in need of mediation.
Cybernetics itself, the human science of reducing information to a mathematical formation, is itself just another example of a sheerly human writing project, inhabiting the land somewhere between formalism and fiction, and thus it is everywhere constituted by, and at the same time erases or 'effaces', its own 'theological' and 'subjective' assumptions while pretending to be thoroughly logical (anti-theological) and objective.
Or for the sheerly esoteric and exotic, what about The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001), with its Amazon-based romantic who is learning to forget man's barbarity through a late-arriving passion for reading?
Considering the amount of free time she had, he wondered why her house was so poorly kept, and, worse, was so sheerly, almost exhibitionistically ugly.