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Synonyms for sheer

Synonyms for sheer

to turn aside sharply from a straight course

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

so sharply inclined as to be almost perpendicular

Synonyms for sheer

turn sharply

complete and without restriction or qualification

not mixed with extraneous elements

Related Words

very steep


Related Words

straight up or down without a break

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Contrary to these cases, false loans or false xenisms are not real borrowings, in the sheerest of senses.
Let it be said that "2012" plummets from reasonably distracting spectacle to sheerest silliness when, in the pointlessly protracted final reels, it tries to maintain interest in the (confusingly staged) jeopardy of a handful of characters when much of the world's population has already been wiped out or is about to be.
08) THIS promises the sheerest of cover and just a subtle touch of colour, and I found it very light on my skin.
In Fueguian channels of Chile, these marine otters use the sheerest and most exposed coasts (Sielfeld 1989).
Just as Abraham Lincoln did when he criticized President Polk as "a bewildered, confounded and miserably perplexed man" and proceeded to call the Mexican American War, "from beginning to end, the sheerest deception.
YOU should use the sheerest formulation possible for a truly natural finish.
Then a weight landed on my back, it was the little girl from the walk over, who yelled "horsy" in a raucous voice as she grabbed onto the straps of my swimsuit and I felt a moment of the sheerest panic, uncertain whether my own daughter was being carried away or saved.
Wear it over leggings for an up to the moment feel or, when the weather warms up, on its ownor with the sheerest of tights.
He goes on to explain that, in the face of human suffering, "liberal theology must stand revealed for what it is: the sheerest of moral pretenses.
Out of sheerest boredom, and to stave off penetrating cold, I finished the last of my lunch.
Just before ``Pyrenees'' went into rehearsal -- and by the sheerest of coincidences -- Keller was enlisted by mutual friend Eric Stoltz to co-direct Stoltz's short film ``The Grand Design,'' in which Conroy and Stoltz are co-stars.
A sharp intake when one understands, as one must learn to understand, that having descended from Jamaican slaves as opposed to, say, African American or Brazilian blacks, remains one of the sheerest accidents of history.
This entire discussion, the earnest debate between pro-Chinese and nondenominational Marxists and Leninists in the years after 1968, seems like sheerest delirium today, and not just because of the fantastical delusions about communism in both the Soviet Union and China (not to mention North Korea
They just stared, goggle-eyed" at the "600 legs in the sheerest silken hose.
They sought to camouflage even the sheerest summits of evil by marking them only as gentle and unremarkable verbal inclines.