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feeling embarrassed about yourself

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He said it with no apparent sheepishness or discomfort.
For Kant, this sheepishness is yet another instance of the cowardice that obstructs the establishment and elaboration of sound metaphysics.
What's remarkable about such a phenomenon is the lack of sheepishness about toting around a copy of a book written for kids and young adults.
As a gauge of participants' reluctance or sheepishness with respect to disclosing the details of their absolute favourite sexual fantasy, we computed a hesitation index by tallying all distinct occurrences of apologies, denials, and refusals.
It always seems like they have another gear," the soft-spoken lineman says with typical sheepishness.
A little bit of sheepishness was evident in his face, but what was interesting was his willingness to confess his failure, which I don't think he would have twenty years ago.
It is therefore with reluctance and sheepishness that I suggest that more data should be collected.
Passionate and meticulous, combining incongruous ingredients with the visual panache of a culinary Kandinsky, Liebrandt works with an endearing mix of dedication and sheepishness that could lure theatrical auds despite the docu's 68-minute running time.
She recognized some of them, recalled their quavering voices, their sheepishness, their moments of anger, of injury.
By nature, Jordanians are shy of expressing their mood in public through demonstrations and protest marches or sit-ins; throughout their history they have shown considerable restraint and wisdom some critics may consider it sheepishness at a time when citizens of other countries might have taken to the streets for
It is to Judaeo-Christianity, then, that we owe the understanding of sheepishness as self-abnegating passivity, an understanding so deeply inscribed that it remains in force well beyond its religious origins.
So essentially I was hiding my low consumption sheepishness behind wolf's clothing.
Sparks was infuriated at how Tocqueville appropriated the term and changed its meaning: Any majority that actually passed oppressive laws, Sparks wrote, would "certainly be changed at the next election," whereas by conflating the majority with public opinion, he said, Tocqueville had merely identified a sheepishness common to all political orders.
He refers to it, with faux sheepishness, as "when I offended the public" and says he has no regrets.
The salon is studded by vast armchairs of brown leather, and men sit regally having their nails done without a hint of sheepishness.