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Synonyms for sheepherder

a herder of sheep (on an open range)

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The brave bandidos had killed a sheepherder, a teamster, and a hotelkeeper.
The truck made its way down into the valley and stopped at the first farm it came to, which happened to be the farm of Mayer Bobchik the sheepherder.
This rib-tickling TV series sees a professional sheepherder (Balki) from the tiny island of Mypos move to Chicago, only to be surprised that there are no sheep or greenery in the Windy City.
1 Fresh fruit and the Sheepherder at the Broken Egg are the perfect pairing.
As for next year: "I think it would be nice to go be a sheepherder in Sweden," Kage laughs.
No one subscribes to newspapers,'' said Shao Xinchun, a sheepherder in rural Chengde of Hebei Province.
Wyoming lawmakers are looking at a proposal to make it a crime to offer a better job to a sheepherder.
Generations of Eastern Sierra travelers have made a beeline to this block-long, Dutch-themed landmark, famed for its pies and its sheepherder bread.
To research The Fighting Shepherdess (1919), Lockhart spent several weeks with a wealthy but reclusive sheepherder known as "The Sheep Queen of Wyoming" (Dominick 23-29).
Like a sheepherder, he keeps the flock together moving at a steady pace.
Sheepherder says that, when a lamb is born, it naturally follows the first creature it sees--usually its mother.
so it is not strange that I married a sheepherder who
Jo decides on a lifestyle that minimizes her need to have contact with others: as a miner, sheepherder, and finally a sheep farmer on an isolated homestead.
Other provisions specify that sheepherders are to receive a 30-minute meal period for a work period of more than 5 hours except when such a break cannot reasonably be provided because the sheepherder is working alone, are to receive 10 minutes of rest period per 4 hours of work, and are to be provided with the tools or equipment necessary for the performance of the job unless the sheepherder earns more than two times the required minimum wage.