sheep bell

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a bell hung round the neck of a sheep so that the sheep can be easily located

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goat paths and sleep on the ground to the tolling of sheep bells.
He has a wide collection of self-made ethnic and electronic instruments including the hand-made copper drums, "Magic Pyramid" and "Artemiz", which he has made of camel and sheep bells.
If good food, good wine and being lulled to sleep by sheep bells and the scent of rosemary and jasmine appeals, then Can Furios is as good as it gets.
When Schofield compares his spiritual wanderings to the journeys of Odysseus or meditates on sheep bells tinkling on an Aegean hillside, he does not merely sculpt a poem.
On the barren cliffs sheep bells and a picturesque peasant on a mule carrying wool to market attest ancient native industry.
So he knelt there and listened to hear the sheep bells singing on the wind.