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Result: Blow-dry time halved and hair left sheeny and well behaved.
The two bedrooms are equally alluring with the master bedroom resplendent in mustard, black and mink with a sheeny silver wallpaper and striking silver lamps.
It should be your body that I rise towards, brushing through sheeny tussocks, breathing easily, both of us running out of our minds .
PMP group) Diffuse sheeny pale orange often Pseudomonas aeruginosa with greenish pigment Small white dry Yeast (Candida spp.
beneath sheeny satin, suspended in the choreography of her bra: twin
I gazed upon the sheeny coast beyond, There where the Giant of old Time infixed The limits of his prowess, pillars high Long time erased from Earth:.
Knock'm down; Early Wynn'm; bean ball the sheeny bastard.
This gave me a sheeny bronze blush that was pinkish in tone, making it work in my summer or winter make-up bag.
It is truly one of the most beautiful viburnums for foliage -- lustrous, waxy, dark green with sheeny maroon to deep burgundy fall color.
It will feature sets from DJs including Manic, Patience, DJ Sheeny, DJ Quest, Double D and DJ Sylk.
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Eurodouble (1992 g by Double Schwartz; unplaced), Sheeny Raisin (1993 f by Double Schwartz; placed), Rapier (1994 c by Sharpo; winner), Alcazar (1995 g by Alzao; Gr1 winner), Lady of Chad (1997 f by Last Tycoon; Gr1 winner), Pelagia (1998 f by Lycius; placed 4th once, dam of Gr2-placed Upper Hand), Aqaba (1999 f by Lake Coniston; placed), Danzig River (2001 g by Green Desert; winner).
However, as "she went on feeling the soft, sheeny luxurious things--with both hands now.
If the notion of presenting post-Minimal work alongside, say, a history of garden gnomes seems cockeyed, consider the juxtaposition of Fluxus works and photorealist painting, both of the sheeny American Robert Bechtle/ Ralph Goings variety and the harder-to-place European efforts of Gerhard Richter and Franz Gertsch (an installation view of the latter's Medici, 1971, shown towering over a pair of spectators, graced Art forum's cover).
His is an oeuvre that offers the same tinny, sheeny jolt over and over again.