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an attacker who sheds or spills blood

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We see it more like a photo shedder application," said Touwari, adding the motivation behind the app was privacy.
It has a double coat that sheds seasonally, but the hair is relatively short so it's not as messy a shedder as some of the longer haired breeds.
The project, to cost 95 million Dirhams, consists in consolidating the C9 collector, extending the rain water shedder to the Bouchtat river (4,890 meters of various calibers pipes) and reinforcing the liquid sanitation grid in the Tennis neighborhood -by laying down 3,400 m of pipes.
I ask Erdogan to step down as a murderer and blood shedder and I say to him that that it's not his right to brag out his glories at the expense of the blood of the Turks and the Syrians," al-Zoubi added.
In September of 1900, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, who would become America's 26th president a year later, mentioned this topic in a speech at Grand Rapids, Michigan, saying, "In 1864, on every hand Lincoln was denounced as a tyrant, a shedder of blood, a would-be dictator, a founder of an empire.
Depending on crop and season, it is at one time receiver of seed, bearer and nurturer of young; at another, raiser of seed-stalk, bearer and shedder of seed.
The PWD had hired Bajaj Electricals, Keshlac Shedder and Spaceage to install 10,000 poles with two streetlights each on 424 km of road.
This suggests that perhaps a third of the total risk transferred was taken up in net terms by Asia, with Europe also accumulating a modest new amount of additional risk, and the US a net shedder of risk through these mechanisms).
Humans are accidental hosts and become infected through contact with an environment contaminated by the urine of a shedder host, such as rodents.
So, buy a sturdy confetti-cut shedder (about $180 at Staples) or a basic crosscut shredder (about $30 at Best Buy).
The shedder of blood, the oppressor of the widow and the fatherless, long ago became odious, but latter-day treacheries fly no skull-and-crossbones flag at the masthead.
I just hope that the angel working the shedder will be a better stockman than to allow that.
has purchased Hempstead Shedder Systems of Troy, Mich.
In the evening of June 5, ten hours after the Egyptian air force had been destroyed on the first day of the war, Cairo's Voice of the Arabs told its listeners that "the United States, oh Arabs, is the enemy of all peoples, the killer of life, the shedder of blood, that is preventing you from liquidating Israel.
With the Mystery Message Kit, you and your BFF can write memos in disappearing ink and destroy evidence with a hidden paper shedder.