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unlicensed drinking establishment

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Pc Tony Salt was supposed to be keeping watch on an illegal West Indian drinking club, called a shebeen, when he left his secret observation post to go drinking at a pub with colleague Pc Mark Berry in 1989.
The Soweto Experience tour bus only shows visitors the nice parts - the Apartheid Museum, Mandela's house and a local shebeen.
However, her widowed sister, Martha Motsoene, had three children--Aunt Lilly; Lincoln Putugwana, who was studying to be a teacher at the renowned Kilnerton Training Institute outside Pretoria; and Aunt Tinnie, a high school dropout who helped run the shebeen.
Clive Cox's three-year-old won in good style at Salisbury by a length and three-quarters from Shebeen and still looks one step ahead of the handicapper.
In both his collages and his installations, Hassan gathers paper torn from billboard advertisements, or objects found in mining quarters or in a shebeen (a township bar) and reassembles them to present composite portraits not specific events, people or places, but a multi-layered compilation of things remembered and experienced over time.
For a change of pace, experience a cultural village at Lesedi, or share your views with the locals at a shebeen in Johannesburg.
In the prologue to his book of essays, Shebeen Tales (1994; see WLT 69:3, p.
In the early days, the shebeen society had been the centre of Irish culture.
Migrant Worker's Quarters, 1997, re-created the cramped, lonely room of a migrant worker; Esiphothini (Shebeen), 1997, a meticulous simulacrum of a shebeen, a kind of South African domestic speakeasy, was replete with empty beer bottles, overflowing ashtrays, and the sounds of pop music and partyers' voices.
Some prosperous whites, I'm told, decided to take the idea of a shebeen and transplant it to a well-to-do Johannesburg suburb - it was "the place to go last summer," according to an American political activist who had come to work on the elections and had stayed on.
Until very near the end, Nkosi's story succeeds in powerful passages: the sudden disruption of village life that comes with his father's death and the family's forced removal; the portrayal of his uneducated but ambitious mother, who slowly succumbs to the degradation of shebeen life in Durban; the desperate mood of young blacks "with a great deal of time on their hands and no idea of what to do with it.
The loveable Maggie Muff is back in the highlyanticipated sequel to 50 Shades of Red White and Blue and Dirty Dancin' in le Shebeen.
This called for another review of the Liquor Act and how liquor licences are issued to make the shebeen industry more regulated.
I do not see myself behind the scenes as a director or acting in a films, I love the adrenaline rush of performing in front of a live audience," she said English has had small roles before and has also been an assistant director before, but one of her memorable roles besides playing Poppie Plaatjies in 'My Koek is Moeg', was playing Lettie in Shebeen Queen.
Not a weekend to go to town with the rent money, still, there will be a great buzz in every pub, bookie and shebeen west of Dubai on Saturday afternoon.