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Synonyms for sheath

Synonyms for sheath

a thin outer covering of an object

Synonyms for sheath

a protective covering (as for a knife or sword)

an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal or plant organ or part

a dress suitable for formal occasions

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The preferred treatment for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors of the nose and paranasal sinuses is wide local excision.
In addition, its special PE sheath and small outer diameter (due to no inner sheath) ensures quick and easy installation and wiring.
Not only did all the wound sites heal without gross evidence of rejection, but "remarkably, each of the sites of dermal sheath implantation produced new follicles and fibers 3 to 5 weeks after the graft," wrote lead author Colin Jahoda, PhD and colleagues.
Go for the drama of red, whether it's a sheath or ball gown, both by Jessica McClintock.
We present the case histories of three elderly women with a rectus sheath haematoma, all of whom presented within a month to the same hospital.
We now report that the cell membrane permeable fluorogenic substrate calcein acetoxymethyl (AM) ester, which is converted to an impermeable and fluorescent derivative by esterases, differentially labels the adaxonal glial cells and other structures in the glial sheath surrounding the squid giant axon (GA) and the crayfish medial giant axon (MGA).
Intraluminal red-hot wire cautery with sheath closure over the inguinal end of the cut vas (Schmidt's method) has the lowest failure rate of all reasonable vas occulstion methods.
Now, a comparatively new technique called freeze-fracturing is offering dramatic new clues as to how nerve fibers are organized and what mechanisms may be responsible for producing the neurological changes seen when the myelin sheath surrounding them is damaged.
The only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ureteral access sheath that has two options for placement is now available in the United States.
The new device reportedly features 180- degree bi-directional steering and is available in several curves (small, medium and large) and sheath length combinations that range from 45 to 90 centimeters.
Rectus sheath block was first described by Schleich in 1899 as a means of providing anterior abdominal wall relaxation in adults (1).
Independent, bilateral expansion of the two legs effects contact of both sides of the sheath to a bore, providing better heat transfer and consequently a cooler-running coil (longer heater life).
A metered quantity of the liquid mixture is poured into a vertically arranged individual tampon packaging sheath whereby the liquid mixture is contained in the bottom of the sheath.
Salzer's group found that the less NRG-1 a nascent nerve cell cranks out, the thinner the myelin sheath provided by glial cells.
It also offers many improvements over its predecessor, SurGuard, including a sleeker, thinner, more streamlined sheath, reduced "dead space," a ratchet mechanism that lets the sheath be positioned so it does not obscure the injection site, and a bevel-up, sheath-right needle orientation that allows for low-angle injections.