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removing by cutting off or clipping

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Gareth Pennant Owen, from Snowdonia, and Clive Hamer, from Elan Valley, have become UK champions for the Nine Hour Two Stand Blade Shearing on Lambs.
The results also showed decreasing shearing stress and specific shearing energy values toward the upper sections of the stalks.
Shearing of paint breaks up its structure and the viscosity drops to a lower level (often much lower) than the paint had at rest.
Nevertheless, in all cases of soil shearing testing procedure which are mentioned above, a constant soil shearing [A.
Gareth (left) with David John, of Lister Shearing Equipment
Either way, shearing is a skill that takes practice to perfect and requires good endurance.
Rachel Lumley, secretary of the Shearing Section at this month's Northumberland County Show, said: "Shearing 250 sheep in a day uses the same amount of energy as running a marathon.
Newly developed carpet shearing machine X-PLORE XCS, with a nominal width of up to 6000 mm offers the best shearing results for all kinds of woven and tufted carpets, needle felts and artificial turf.
While shearing, the viscosity increases and reaches a maximum at a shear rate around 0.
KIWI cutters dominated on home turf in this year's Golden Shears, the world championships of shearing and wool handling.
Shearing force describes the force required to fracture a plant when applied at 90 degrees to the plant surface and has been used in the past to physically characterize forages (Mackinnon et al.
Also, the piston type imparts much less shearing energy to the rubber sample before rheological measurements are made.
Shearing time Graham Thompson, of Sutton-on-the-Forest, North Yorkshire, demonstrates his skill to Bob Richardson
Instead of contributing to the creation of a 'weak' zone, a knot, which consists essentially of a hard and brittle material, sometimes provides resistance against shearing movement in a cross section.