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removing by cutting off or clipping

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Nevertheless, in all cases of soil shearing testing procedure which are mentioned above, a constant soil shearing [A.
As well as winning the 2013 Royal Welsh Show All Nations Open final, he led the Wales shearing team to an historic 3-1 test win over New Zealand.
And to boost their case, members of the British Isles Shearing Competitions Association (Bisca) are calling for hundreds of people to get on board their campaign.
Interestingly, the viscosity of these three suspensions increases even more when shearing at low shear rates.
KIWI cutters dominated on home turf in this year's Golden Shears, the world championships of shearing and wool handling.
Most coating flows involve a shearing action (think of brushing) and are driven by the stress acting on the coating, called the shear stress.
A FARMER who has sheared sheep around the world has been named Shearing Personality of the Year.
Shearing force describes the force required to fracture a plant when applied at 90 degrees to the plant surface and has been used in the past to physically characterize forages (Mackinnon et al.
Trenching indicates the presence of gold mineralization associated with a zone of shearing and extensive sulphide mineralization and results of detailed geophysical and geochemical surveys suggest that there may be up to four parallel gold-bearing shear zones crossing the Alexander property, each with an overall strike potential of approximately 3,500 metres.
Chris Hird, 21, started learning his trade at 15 on a British Wool Marketing Board shearing course, and now runs his own shearing gang working in the UK, Iceland and New Zealand.
HOME-grown talent shone at Coleg Llysfasi's annual International Sheep Shearing competition.
It is capable of shearing four cuts per minute at 24-inch cuts and produces bales weighing an average of 850 pounds and logs weighing an average of 1,400 pounds.
Shearing was observed in several locations across the property, and generally runs parallel to the main foliation.
But while sheep shearing may long have been considered a male preserve, it looks as if things are about to change.
Many of the main summer shows feature shearing competitions that attract top home and international shearers.