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Synonyms for sheaf


Synonyms for sheaf

a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing

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Tess, having quickly eaten her own meal, beckoned to her eldest sister to come and take away the baby, fastened her dress, put on the buff gloves again, and stooped anew to draw a bond from the last completed sheaf for the tying of the next.
She was terribly afraid that one of these days Mary, the young woman who typified so many rather sentimental and enthusiastic ideas, who had some sort of visionary existence in white with a sheaf of lilies in her hand, would announce, in a jaunty way, that she was about to be married.
All went well with Donnelly until, in the following year, he found among the sheaf of executions that fell to him the name of Timothy Donnelly.
When Marilla went home Anne came out of the fragrant twilight of the orchard with a sheaf of white narcissi in her hands.
We gathered in with its sheaf of fragrant days the choicest harvest of childhood.
some place is on fire over there," said Genestas, pointing to a spot on the mountain, where a sheaf of flames was rising.
He stopped as he passed the new grave; a sheaf of tawny chrysanthemums had caught his eye.
At the further end of the table stood a confidential telegraph clerk, who was just departing with a little sheaf of messages.
We were never again without our sheaf of evening papers, and Raffles ordered three morning ones, and I gave up mine in spite of its literary page.
Wheat Sheaf was green that day and ran off a straight line, so this looks a perfect time to back him.
Roger Charlton looked set to complete a quick juvenile double at Newmarket when Wheat Sheaf impressively quickened into the lead in the mile maiden and was backed down to 1.
A specially baked loaf in the shape of a sheaf of wheat that was on display at Welford Primary School's recent Harvest Festival.
The SheafSystem(TM) libraries implement the sheaf data model, a non-relational data model designed for representation, manipulation, and storage of the large and complex data sets common in scientific and technical computing.
Question six: Erected in 1995 and marking a 550-year custom, a monument depicting a sheaf thrower by Michael Disley commemorates the annual sheaf-throwing contest in which local village?
Sam Sheaf was fishing for pike with a friend in the bay at the south west end of the lake, near Glanllyn Caravan Park, when he snagged the monster.