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Synonyms for sheaf


Synonyms for sheaf

a package of several things tied together for carrying or storing

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10 Wheat Sheaf NEW FLAT LIST OF HORSES TO FOLLOW Azmaam, Bartholomew Fair, Beautiful Romance, Best Of Times, Canny Kool, Christophermarlow, Danzeno, Duretto, Earth Drummer, Fadhayyil, Flight Officer, Forever Now, Golden Horn, Hakam, Hathal, Hurry Home Pappa, Kodi Bear, Latharnach, Lethal Legacy, Lexington Abbey, Lightning Moon, Madeed, Mistiroc, Mizzou, Mohatem, Moheet, Muthmir, Mythical City, Ol'Man River, Osaruveetil, Postponed, Pretend, Prosperus, Revolutionist, Royal Birth, Si Senor, Spanish Squeeze, Spring Offensive, Star Ascending, Stravagante, Suddyan, Supplicant, Top Tug, Toormore, Vert De Grece.
THE PARTICULARS Where: Sheaf Lane, Sheldon Why: Extended kitchen, nicely presented Price: PS144,950 Beds: Three Agent: Steeles 0121 742 2000
I thought 'This is a nice big pike'," said Mr Sheaf, from Rugeley in Staffordshire, who has been fishing since he was 12.
ACTION PACKED Children tried tug-of war, sack races and sheaf tossing yesterday PICTURES: PAUL NORRIS
The traditional agricultural sport of sheaf tossing, originally found at country fairs, involves hurling a sheaf of corn over a bar, without touching it, using a pitchfork.
Similarly, for a filtered R-module M with good filtration FM, we can define and construct the direct image sheaf [?
Providing an upbeat welcome to visitors arriving by train, and as part of the regeneration of Sheffield city centre, EDAW designed the award-winning scheme for Sheaf Square.
The system includes a retractable dilator in a sheaf that gently opens the ductal orifice at the nipple.
Ueno begins by describing Riemann spaces and stable curves, including compact Riemann surfaces and pointed curves, then moves to affine Lie algebras and integrable highest weight representations, with an explanation of the energy-momentum tensor, Uechi then moves to conformal blocks and correlation functions, the sheaf of conformal blocks associated with a family of pointed Reimann surfaces with coordinates, the sheaf's support of projectively flat connections, one of the most important facts of conformal field theory.
As we shall see, the local Atiyah class, being a global section of a sheaf, behaves much better than its classical global analogue.
An older friend swears he remembers Larry concluding a similarly plagued broadcast by picking up his sheaf of notes and tossing them up into the air.
Along with their names, dates, and a sheaf of wheat to symbolize both my father's tie to the land and my mother's love of baking, she had coined the phrase, Loving Hands At Rest.
An American TV station said a cleaner alerted them after finding a thick sheaf of papers with details of a presidential trip to Florida.
It was the night for Shadow Pleasures at this year's Golden Sheaf Awards.