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Synonyms for will

Synonyms for will

the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides


a desire for a particular thing or activity

unrestricted freedom to choose

to have the desire or inclination to

to give (property) to another person after one's death

Synonyms for will

the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention

a fixed and persistent intent or purpose

a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

decree or ordain

Related Words

determine by choice

leave or give by will after one's death

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Gayle knows that Washington often makes it hard on America's family farmers, and she'll do a great job explaining how Governor Bush would change that," said Republican National Convention General Co-Chairman Andy Card.
She'll receive regular reports via radar from Naval stations around the globe.
She'll get married in about six years time and will have another baby.
She needs to get help or she'll die," the News of the World quoted Ferrier as saying.
Her short-term memory is totally gone to the point where she'll have rows with Mark because she can't remember small decisions he's made, just silly things.
She seems in very good form and she'll love this flat track, so hopefully she'll put up a good show, although Chomba Womba looks the one we all have to beat.
Just a little bit of help would be a blessing All she needs is just a rest now and again, But she knows she'll ne
You can catch her on ``The Unit'' (the CBS series created by her husband, playwright/screenwriter David Mamet), and she'll be filming the TV movie ``Sea Change'' opposite Tom Selleck in November.
She's very clear in demonstrating, and she'll stop and ask if it's too fast or too slow.
She'll use the funds for orthotic equipment, such as wrist braces and eyeglasses.
OK, so she'll never want for another materialistic thing in her life.
Maybe she's trying too hard to be noticed, If she has a friend in the group, maybe she'll relax.
She'll be nervous, she'll be honoured - and she'll be on the first train home to get on with her job.
She'll come into work with a slight temperature and, instead of just admitting she's getting a cold, she'll start shivering and say she thinks it's a bout of the malaria she first caught on holiday in Africa.