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Aye, she'll cry, won' she, an' carry on, an' tell how Pete, or some odder feller, beats 'er an' she'll say she's sorry an' all dat an' she ain't happy, she ain't, an' she wants to come home agin, she does.
She abused an' ill-treated her own mudder--her own mudder what loved her an' she'll never git anodder chance dis side of hell.
She ain't no beauty-- her face is all eyes; but if she ever grows up to them eyes an' fills out a little she'll make folks stare.
She'll be comin' over to see you, mother, an' you can size her up for yourself.
But I'll bring you my little chair, and some bits o' red rag and things for her to play wi'; an' she'll sit and chatter to 'em as if they was alive.
But she'll be my little un," said Marner, rather hastily.
I wonder if she'll wear the blue silk dress," said Sara Ray.
I think Miss Reade is simply throwing herself away, but I hope she'll be happy.
I should think she'll marry none but a nobleman myself.
Perhaps we'll be able to find the brooch if she'll only tell where she took it; but in any case she'll have to be severely punished, Matthew.
Come into the courtyard or you'll be seen; she'll come out directly," said she.
If you are she'll think it's because you don't like the sight of Dick, and she'll crawl into her shell again.
But it's five hours yet till the time, and I'm afraid she'll stand me up when it comes to the scratch.
Hindley: and now she has nothing to keep her, and she'll be dead before winter.
Of course she'll come to see us now and again; but it won't be the same thing.