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The Cigna Foundation grant will fund the creation of the Shatterproof Resource Portal, a need that is currently unmet.
Companies that need the glass retention of shatterproof lamps in their industry now have the assurance of IEC standard lamps at the same price as non-compliant lamps being offered elsewhere in the market.
An entity originally named Brian's Wish is now Shatterproof, a website (www.
These shatterproof daylight readable displays are ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and very low power, offering huge advantages over conventional screens as they are extremely flexible with proven lifetimes.
uk) is made from BPA-free shatterproof perspex, which not only reflects a wine's colour and aromatics, but also boasts a thumb grip to put an end to any spills and wobbles.
First, they tried shattering the front windows, which proved to be shatterproof.
It's great value compared to many similar work lights, where you have to buy the light, charger and battery separately, and has 26 bright, energy-efficient LED bulbs (you can have all or just 14 on, giving six or three hours of continuous use) and a shatterproof body.
The ArmourLite ColorBurst Series of watches feature a crystal that is shatterproof and scratch resistant, made from 5mm thick high-impact glass.
Designed to fit girls and boys ages infant to six years, the shades feature shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.
For the tweens and teens market the HydroCanteen, made from shatterproof Tritan material, is available in a 25-ounce size with a leak-proof lid that features a collapsible carrying loop allowing it to be clipped onto school bags and briefcases.
Dining Chairs, pounds 250 for a pair; Elegance Dinner Set, pounds 30 for a set of 12; Natural Faux Fur Throw, from pounds 40; Mini Glitter Trees, pounds 6 for a set of five; Gold Lustre Wine Glasses, pounds 18 for four; Gold Foil Runner, pounds 16; Heart Bowls Dip Set, pounds 8; Portobello Chandelier, pounds 90; Vintage Candelabra, pounds 24; 50 Piece Mixed Shatterproof Bauble Set, pounds 10; Ethnic Lantern, from pounds 30, all from Next.
Fragment retention lamps, also known as shatterproof lamps, have applications in a variety of industries, particularly pharmaceutical production and packaging.
Its shatterproof housing and rubber overmolding provide extra shock and vibration protection with water and dust resistance to IP67.
Summary: The Government has backed the launch of a shatterproof pint glass in an attempt to cut alcohol-related violence.
shatterproof plastic bottles in 50-, 75-, and 100-gram concentrations, available in orange, lemon-lime, cola, and fruit-punch flavors.