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Synonyms for shattering

Synonyms for shattering

the act of breaking something into small pieces


seemingly loud enough to break something

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Explaining the details of raindrop shattering "is a very nice result," says Howard Stone of Princeton University, since "apparently, no one had connected a theory with the measurements.
STEVENSON RANCH -- Three 18-year-olds were arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of firing tiny steel balls at moving cars, hitting at least eight of them and shattering windows, a sheriff's official said Thursday.
Dixon's extra height means he can "put less energy into jumping and more into dunking," sometimes with shattering results, Brancazio says.
Yesterday's attack was the fourth on trains in and around Cardiff since the Echo reported on Saturday how passengers had a lucky escape after a brick was thrown at a high-speed Inter-city train, shattering the windscreen.
Almost simultaneously, Officer Hyatt fired his weapon at the suspect, who released the child, and Officer Leija fired, shattering the window.
How different it would have been had he staked his claims on the work of Jane Bowles or Mary Butts or Nella Larsen, Modernist writers with a very different relationship to failure and unpublishability, or on some lost movie star, Anna Mae Wong or Mylene Demongeot; staked his claims from a stance that might threaten his own position, make him seem ridiculous, crazy, shattering, embarrassing, abject, and that might make those encountering him question their own interests rather than confirming the smug, hip correctness of being a so-called sex-radical theorist, an already all-too-sanctioned role, and one my gay daddy wouldn't give the benediction of his spit.
NEW YORK -- Shattering the barriers to women in video games -- and the limitations on online fun for women and men alike -- Verizon today announced that it is partnering with the PMS (Pandora's Mighty Soldiers) Clan to help launch Verizon's FiOS Grand Tournament (www.
Then a 500-pound artillery round upended his Humvee, killing his crew mate and shattering his own feet.
High-speed video reveals that (left to right) a stick of dry spaghetti whacked at the end by a metal slug (top) buckles in waves before shattering.
MINNEAPOLIS, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Shattering Feet Dance Company's Spring Concert "Regeneration" will be presented May 6 and 7 at 8 p.
Shattering the mobile usability barrier, Action Engine Corporation, the mobile application platform leader, today announced the industry's emergent Mobile Data Services Architecture (MDSA), defining an open, browserless client/server environment for a new breed of interconnected mobile applications that simplify and accelerate access to Internet content from intelligent mobile devices.
The youths entered another home nearby by shattering its rear sliding glass door.
Sglavo of the University of Tresnto in Italy have developed a way to temper glass chemically so that it can withstand some cracking before ultimately shattering.
Based out his office in western Boynton Beach, Sabac has perfected WINDOWLOCK, a process that adheres heavy gauge window film to each glass pane - and then secures the film to the window's frame - creating an anchored system that prevents the glass from shattering or from disengaging from the building.