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Synonyms for sharpshooter

an athlete noted for accurate aim

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someone skilled in shooting

a fast schooner once used by New England fisherman for illegal fishing in Canadian waters

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The Sharpshooter weapons and related deliverables will be fielded on 59 upgraded systems.
Green sharpshooters and red-headed sharpshooters pose some threat to the state's vineyards, but significantly less threat than the blue-green sharpshooter (Graphocephala atropunctata), which has been present in the Napa Valley for over 100 years.
The prospect of sharpshooters has so outraged him that he recently began meditation classes to calm down.
xanthophis on citrus in Brazil and the effects of insecticides on this sharpshooter species are undocumented to date.
ly n g o py d d Eventually police decided to hurry things along and the sharpshooter was called in.
Sharpshooter targets are constructed of corrugated plastic and are available in animal silhouettes and traditional bulls-eye or sight-in versions.
Stevie is a crackshot, having beaten all males and females in her age group and above to earn the title of sharpshooter in basic training.
According to the company, their Sharpshooter optical sensor combines the flexibility of a vision system and the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor.
BERRY BENSON'S CIVIL WAR BOOK: MEMOIRS OF A CONFEDERATE SCOUT AND SHARPSHOOTER appears in a new paperback edition and tells of one sharpshooter Berry Benson, who saw most of the action between the first shot fired in the Civil War and the surrender of Lee's army.
The Wildcats' sharpshooter connected on six of her game-high 24 points during that period by making two 3s.
In a story that felt to me like Jane Eyre meets a Wild West Harry Potter, Sam Lambert, an American sharpshooter from Kiowa Bob's Wild West Show, is recruited by the Glasscastle University in England to help with a top-secret magic project.
By the time of Sedgwick's death on May 9, 1864, the sharpshooter was an established presence on the battlefields of the Civil War and would continue to exact a heavy toll for the duration of the conflict.
The invader is a half-inch-long leafhopper called the glassy-winged sharpshooter (Hornalodisca coagulata).
An accomplished woodsman, hunter, arborist, and gardener, he was also a highly skilled archer and sharpshooter.
SharpShooter (citric acid) is an effective insecticide.