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Synonyms for sharply

in an aggressive manner


in a well delineated manner


changing suddenly in direction and degree


very suddenly and to a great degree

References in classic literature ?
I tell you what, George, you've got to wake up," he said sharply.
Not quite," sharply replied the Canadian, "but pretty near, at all events.
Therefore if a man look sharply and attentively, he shall see Fortune: for though she be blind, yet she is not invisible.
Seymour seemed to be listening, elegant and unconscious as was his posture, and he seemed relieved when he heard the lady call out some last instructions to the Captain, and then turn sharply and run laughing down the passage towards the other end, the end on the terrace above the Thames.
Both trailed to port, where we could not see them; and now the mizzen stood alone in sad and solitary grandeur, her flapping idle sails lighted up by the spreading conflagration, so that they were stamped very sharply upon the black add starry sky.
At the same time an electric bell rang sharply again and again.
That the cat did not turn and rend Tarzan is something of a miracle which may possibly be accounted for by the fact that twice when it turned growling upon the ape-man he had rapped it sharply upon its sensitive nose, inculcating in its mind thereby a most wholesome fear of the cudgel and the ape-beasts behind it.
She scrutinized the house sharply, and for some time she gazed at him steadily.
Nobody seemed to notice the unusualness of a Martini at midnight, though Daylight looked sharply for that very thing; for he had long since learned that Martinis had their strictly appointed times and places.
Well, don't be a miser with what you know," Scott said sharply, after waiting a suitable length of time.
he called out sharply, and Puggy instantly shut up his mouth, and said no more.
As soon as he entered, a He-Goat left in the cave sharply attacked him with his horns.
After riding about a hundred yards toward the forest, the major suddenly and sharply reined in his horse and sat motionless in the saddle.
The clump of laurel in which the criminal lay was in the angle of a road which, after, ascending, southward, a steep acclivity to that point, turned sharply to the west, running along the summit for perhaps one hundred yards.
He paused a moment and looked sharply at the person whom he was addressing, then added, "Of the Federal army.