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Synonyms for sharpie

an alert and energetic person

a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games

a pen with indelible ink that will write on any surface

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a shallow-draft sailboat with a sharp prow, flat bottom, and triangular sail

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Caption: The three nurses shortly after their arrival in Spain, from left: Rene Shadbolt, Isobel Dodds and Millicent Sharpies.
Upon arrival, they are given Sharpie permanent markers made by Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
The police spokeswoman said: "Mr Sharpies appears to have suffered some sort of assault, resulting in very serious and fatal head injuries.
We want to know how many times they've looked at shopping pages as opposed to content pages," says Sharpies.
Goodman also shows, but refuses to tell, how the very infrastructure of dubs and booking that helped bring rock to the people came about only because money-grubbing sharpies like Barcelona made it happen - and they made it happen because they knew people's desire for rock music could equal money for them.
Ms Sharpies and Mr Waterhouse decided to stay overnight in Liverpool so they could watch new play Lost Souls at the Royal Court.
Creadon has also assembled a great group of celebrity talking heads -- everyone from Bill Clinton to Jon Stewart (whose aggressive solving style is hilarious; the man uses a Sharpie, for crying out loud
With the help of Joseph Sharpies, the author of the latest Pevsner Architectural Guide to Liverpool, and Louise O' Brien, from English Heritage, they researched and collected detailed information surrounding their chosen photographs.
Yeah, the Clippers, those sharpies, gaming the system.
Mick Sharpies, Sony Computer Entertainment director of corporate communications, said all offices in the UK and Europe were under scrutiny.
The fest had some top-drawer talent on hand in February and they put their Sharpies to work on the Vespa LX 150.
White-tipped Sharpies are more destructive to the school environment, bus stops and buses,'' said Councilman Frank Ferry, who has proposed the restriction.
Brown and Ho combined to shoot 63 in the opening best-ball competition, then 68 in the alternate shot Pinehurst format, where they were challenged by a pair of short-course sharpies.
For me, there's the Seabiscuit statue, honoring Santa Anita's first superstar; the odds board up near the roof on the back of the grandstand, beckoning the real sportsmen among the fancy people in the walking ring; the footpaths to and from the paddock, upon which even a 1/100th owner of a $10,000 claimer feels like a billionaire walking between staring fans; the giant ``Shoe Wants You'' poster that adorns a grandstand stairwell, recalling a classic old ad campaign; Clockers' Corner, one of sports' great gathering spots; the elegant main room of the clubhouse; the clubhouse mezzanine where the jockeys' agents and other sharpies gather; and the underground Paddock Room that's still thick with down-and-dirty atmosphere if no longer with cigarette smoke.