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  • verb

Synonyms for sharpen

Synonyms for sharpen

to give a sharp edge to

Synonyms for sharpen

make sharp or sharper

make crisp or more crisp and precise

become sharp or sharper

Related Words

put (an image) into focus

make (images or sounds) sharp or sharper


raise the pitch of (musical notes)

give a point to

make (one's senses) more acute

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If you use knives with high-end exotic steels, it's recommended you sharpen your knife before leaving for your outing and carry a small field sharpener in case of emergency.
As you sharpen and restore your customers' knives, you have a terrific opportunity to educate customers on how to keep their knives in top condition, whether using an electric or manual sharpener.
Precision agriculture demands Precision Selling--a strategy where agrisalespeople must sharpen their approach and be more precise in how they utilize their resources to create the right value for the right customers.
And some manufacturers even offer sharpening services: Both Kyocera and Lamson & Goodnow will sharpen knives free for consumers who want to send the utensils back to the factory.
It makes a satisfying slicing sound when you sharpen and gives a fine point without snapping.
Trying to sharpen a long knife on a small stone is like trying to park a Cadillac in Manhattan.
The Folding Diamond Rat Tail Tapered Diamond Sharpening Rod sharpens regular and serrated blades, fish hooks, gut hooks and many tools.
This sharpens the brain's perceptions, just as smaller dots, or pixels, in a television picture make it clearer.
The firm's whole-company investment method sharpens a company's business focus and connects industry resources to help accelerate success.
The large ergonomic handle fits either hand safely and securely and even sharpens knives with serrated blades.
Once set up, the Darex unit automatically sizes, aligns, sharpens, and, if desired, splits the point.
smart" sharpening distinguishes text from graphics, sharpens text for crisp lines and smoothes graphics to eliminate jagged edges, enhancing Web-page viewing quality; and
Drill Doctor quickly sharpens drill bits to razor-sharp points and allows drill users to keep working.