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  • verb

Synonyms for sharpen

Synonyms for sharpen

to give a sharp edge to

Synonyms for sharpen

make sharp or sharper

make crisp or more crisp and precise

become sharp or sharper

Related Words

put (an image) into focus

make (images or sounds) sharp or sharper


raise the pitch of (musical notes)

give a point to

make (one's senses) more acute

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Plus, knife sharpening is a skill every experienced hunter should have in his arsenal and one that's worth learning if you're going to put your knives to hard use each season.
The purpose of this study was to compare the sharpening efficiency and the amount of metal (carbon steel) removal from scalers using two types of synthetic sharpening stones: ceramic and diamond-plated.
The Deluxe Jiff 10-Second Knife & Scissors Sharpener features a two-stage, handheld sharpener with coarse and fine slots; a scissors sharpener built into the handle; preset sharpening angles that sharpens both sides of blade at same time; large handle with a solid plastic finger and hand guard; and reversible and replaceable premium carbide blades.
With so many choices at the sharpening consumers fingertips, we thought it would be interesting exploring what's out there to help you choose the perfect medium for your needs.
If you're using the glass and sandpaper method of sharpening (Tip 10), press the back side of the blade against the sandpaper and move the blade back and forth, being careful to hold it perfectly flat.
One way to capitalize on a popular trend while educating your customers about knife sharpening is to partner with a local farm to bring fresh fruits and vegetables into your store.
The Blade Sharpening System empowers Tidland customers to maximize productivity and significantly reduce blade sharpening costs by giving them the ability to sharpen their own blades on their own timetable.
Fraser (the late author of the first edition) and Schewe (a noted photographer) address the sharpening of digital image detail from a workflow process rather than a post-print perspective.
His specific attention to the peening and honing of the blade brings me to share a recent book discovery, The Perfect Edge, The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers, by Ron Hock.
This has proved to be an edge for Smith's, a supplier of sharpening products.
You can sharpen it yourself with the Lawnmower Sharpening Attachment from Dremel.
It comes down to cost, and when you add it all up, and include sharpening and shipping costs, it makes perfect sense.
is an in-depth, how-to DVD for woodworkers of all skill and experience levels to sharpening and adjusting one's planes and chisels for maximum success.
Keeping a variety of knife sharpening tools in your store and showing your customers how to use them means dollars in your pocket.