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  • verb

Synonyms for sharpen

Synonyms for sharpen

to give a sharp edge to

Synonyms for sharpen

make sharp or sharper

make crisp or more crisp and precise

become sharp or sharper

Related Words

put (an image) into focus

make (images or sounds) sharp or sharper


raise the pitch of (musical notes)

give a point to

make (one's senses) more acute

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A pencil sharpener blade is extremely sharp and if you get it in the wrong place - on the wrist, neck or thigh - it's a very serious matter.
Plastic sharpeners have now been removed on health and safety grounds.
As an example, for sharpeners that have three stages, the heading could be, "Easy As 1-2-3" or alternatively, "A lifetime of incredibly sharp edges.
The E-Z Edge Sharpener is designed to sharpen blades while the trimmer is on-line.
Professional-quality sharpeners create a flawless and customized edge.
The EdgeKing(TM) Precision Scissors Sharpener from Bettcher Industries delivers faster, more accurate and consistent blade sharpening for conventional or air-powered scissors blades.
Manufacturers recommend home chefs use sharpeners and maintenance tools with precision angle guides rather than conventional steeling methods and the use of stones.
While the Lansky-style sharpeners work well, they still take some practice and a bit of care to use properly and get the keenest edge.
The only kind of electric chainsaw sharpeners I recommend look like a miniature wood-cutting miter saw.
PESHAWAR -- The business of blacksmiths and knife sharpeners has registered upward boom in the provincial capital as they are receiving innumerable orders from people ahead of Eidul Azha celebrations.
As only one week left in Eid ul Azha celebrations, the blacksmiths and knife sharpeners of Peshawar have received numerous orders to get maximum business in Peshawar and were earning two times high this year.
Smith's Consumer Products, a Hot Springs, Ark based producer of knife and scissor sharpeners, has added two new American-made sharpeners to its portfolio.
Eom multitiered lunch boxes and sleek portable wine carriers to no-slip knife sharpeners and cookware that seals in steam for moist and healthy cooking, new hous ewares products at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market are delivering savvy solutions.
Currently, Chef'sChoice is available in over 80 countries worldwide, with more than 100 models of its electric and manual knife sharpeners, as well as, electric food grinders and slicers, wafflemakers, grills and hot beverage products.