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any implement that is used to make something (an edge or a point) sharper

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The sharpeners have a silver body, six pencil sharpener openings on the black front dial and a removable pencil shaving tray on the front.
I found this Smith's Edgework 50119 sharpener for PS19.
LANSKY SHARPENERS IS EXPANDING its line of knives and sharpeners.
If you use knives with high-end exotic steels, it's recommended you sharpen your knife before leaving for your outing and carry a small field sharpener in case of emergency.
The sharpener is not just life; it's everyone in it as well.
Four years ago, the company entered the housewares market with kitchen knife sharpeners and has since branched out into slicers and graters.
I pleased the introduce our home kitchen knife sharpener.
One Direction Stationery Set Featuring the hit boyband One Direction, this stationery set contains a pencil, sharpener, ruler, eraser and notepad.
Muscat: Almouj Golf, will hold its Summer Sharpener tuition package which caters to all golfers, both novices and experienced players seeking to improve their game.
Only when it is too late and we're struggling to chop the carrots do we wish in hindsight for ownership of a sharpener.
Although DMT has its roots as a sharpener of woodworking tools, it has expanded its line to products for chefs, fishermen, hunters, campers, snowboarders, skiers and gardeners, and has won numerous industry awards and received recognition from different industry leaders.
Looks can be deceiving, however, and the can of paint is actually a pencil sharpener in the shape of a miniature paint tin, 2'cm high.
Every reader has the chance to get these smashing traditional wooden pencil boxes, complete with a selection of coloured pencils and a sharpener which all fit snugly inside.
To the Phoenix production team's satisfaction, the needle sharpener was productive from the outset.