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having the point made sharp

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made sharp or sharper

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Researcher (LS) sharpened each end with its assigned stone using 400 strokes.
Softer high-carbon steels--1095, Ol and A2 are common types--are easily sharpened on a natural Arkansas whetstone and their manufactured aluminum oxide and carborundum (silicon carbide) relatives plus any of the more aggressive mediums such as diamond or ceramic.
Luckily, a spade bit doesn't have to be sharpened with precision to work better.
One trap was made of sharpened sticks, rope and a rock weighing almost 9kg.
Of course, there are many jobs that call for a perfectly sharpened 20-degree blade.
1] long unit, sharpened at the push of a button and ready to be placed back into operation in 90 seconds.
It cools while it sharpens, so heat is dissipated by the sharpener instead of damaging the edge just sharpened.
A total of 11 teeth from nine adults who lived during that period contain holes drilled with sharpened flint points, according to a new report.
1 sharpened pencil * 2 size-33 rubber bands * 6 metal washers (quarter-size) * 2 cotton swabs * cardboard (28 cm by 38 cm, or 11 in.
As I urge students in my writing courses to criticize the current rhetoric and representations of war in the news media, Sondergard's study has sharpened my own analysis of the varied complex powers at work in the language and imagery of violence.
We converted a storage room in our shop just for sharpening drills with a workbench and shelving bins for the sharpened bits," explains Holler.
His reply ``No'' disappointed me at the time, and he went on to explain that a saw should be sharpened by the person that uses it and that he would show me, and explain how it was done.
To cut quickly and safely, saws must be sharpened often.
She said it takes about one to two weeks for the knives to be sharpened and sent back to the consumer.