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having the point made sharp

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made sharp or sharper

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For an instant Tantor, the elephant, paused with upraised trunk and tail, with great ears up-pricked, and then he swung on along the trail at a rapid, shuffling pace--straight toward the covered pit with its sharpened stakes upstanding in the ground.
A few more steps would precipitate Tantor upon the sharpened stakes;
Backward and downward he went toward the sharpened stakes in the bottom of the pit.
None of the sharpened stakes had pierced him--only a swollen spot at the base of the brain indicated the nature of his injury.
And on the eighteenth, when that dividend was declared, he chuckled at the confusion that would inevitably descend upon the men with the sharpened shears waiting to trim him--him, Burning Daylight.
The baron sharpened it again, and made another offer, when his hand was arrested by a loud screaming among the young barons and baronesses, who had a nursery in an upstairs tower with iron bars outside the window, to prevent their tumbling out into the moat.
Having a knife professionally sharpened is an option, but for a guy with several knives, it's an option that can get pricey at $ 10 to $20 a blade.
The One Ten is a device that gives instant feedback during sharpening, so instruments are quickly sharpened correctly.
Each cutting edge in the two treatment groups was sharpened with the assigned stone using a sharpening guide (PDT-Gleason Guide[TM]; Paradise Dental Technology, Missoula, MT) to standardize the stone angulation.
Normally, people do not get knives, choppers etc sharpened across the year but on Eidul Azha,they rush to shops to get this job done, ' said a grinder Abdul Rasheed who runs a shop near Double Phattak.
The two fine sharpening rods are designed for polishing the sharpened edge.
These exotic steels are harder and tougher than the ones many of us grew up with--so resilient in fact they can't be sharpened on a typical whetstone.
The sharpened carbide should have a consistent shiny band along the cutting edge.
Summary: The potentially deadly booby traps were made of sharpened sticks, rope and a 9kg rock.
When lighter paring, peeling and slicing is involved, home chefs may prefer a knife sharpened at 15 degrees.