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  • verb

Synonyms for sharpen

Synonyms for sharpen

to give a sharp edge to

Synonyms for sharpen

make sharp or sharper

make crisp or more crisp and precise

become sharp or sharper

Related Words

put (an image) into focus

make (images or sounds) sharp or sharper


raise the pitch of (musical notes)

give a point to

make (one's senses) more acute

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Number of Strokes Needed to Sharpen Scalers* Sharpening n Number of Sharpening Stone Strokes (mean + SEM) Control 10 0 [+ or -] 0 (a) Ceramic 10 17.
Our support of the NFCC and Sharpen program demonstrate our commitment to helping them overcome those challenges and reach financial success.
If you use knives with high-end exotic steels, it's recommended you sharpen your knife before leaving for your outing and carry a small field sharpener in case of emergency.
To avoid changing the cutting profile of the bit, sharpen the back of the cutters only.
The street vendors are witnessed to sell the variety of slaughter tools and also offering their services to sharpen the rusted slaughter equipment.
The Blade Sharpening System empowers Tidland customers to maximize productivity and significantly reduce blade sharpening costs by giving them the ability to sharpen their own blades on their own timetable.
If either end moves downwards, sharpen the heavy end again.
Also new is the Flex-Adjust automatic self-sharpening cycle, in which pneumatic pressure is applied by the rotating hub to the blades at intervals to sharpen the blades against the harder steel die surface.
We will sharpen this copy to preserve the other layers for later revision.
Learn the range of these tools, their differences in application, and how to sharpen selectively in a book which comes form an internationally recognized authority on digital imaging and color image reproduction.
Brokers, appraisers, developers and lenders turned out in force for a recent SIOR New Jersey seminar aimed at helping them sharpen their selling skills.
Make Your Own Woodworking Tools: Metalwork Techniques To Create, Customize, And Sharpen In The Workshop by carpentry and woodworking expert Mike Burton is an informative and superbly organized introduction to making, modifying, and altering woodturning and woodcarving tools.
Precision agriculture demands Precision Selling--a strategy where agrisalespeople must sharpen their approach and be more precise in how they utilize their resources to create the right value for the right customers.
Using a steel maintains a precise edge but can't actually sharpen a knife.