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The sharp-witted manger of the group has to deal with the band splitting up and solo hits, and all the back-stabbing and tears that come with fame from the UK's top drag artists - Vicki Vivacious, Vanilla Lush, Portia De Fosse and Silver Summers.
It is a sharp-witted, empowering and hilarious romp about one woman's midlife awakening on a honeymoon.
Sharp-witted and still the epitome of cartoon-character cool, the singer was on top form, whether bantering with the front rows or offering his well-worn observations on life.
Scotch is a smart, sharp-witted and prickly teenage girl.
Again their sharp-witted humour helped them survive the political oppression, corruption and harsh living conditions during Mubarak's 30-year reign.
Comedy Store favourite Brian Higgins and sharp-witted Mike Wilkinson (support act for Peter Kay, Jason Manford, Johnny Vegas and Ross Noble) will be swapping between Big Mouth and Brass Neck during the night.
The screenplay, adapted by Buck Henry from Charles Webb's novel, is taut and sharp-witted.
One of these men was Samuel Clemens, who while unsuccessful at mining, had earned a name for himself as a sharp-witted reporter at the local Territorial Enterprise.
Sharp-witted users of the comments website Twitter quipped within minutes that James Murdoch "had no knowledge of the pie attack on his father".
Edgar, San Francisco punk-turned-cheese-man, offers this informative memoir filled with sharp-witted humor that may forever change your perception of fermented dairy products.
In this fast-paced, sometimes wrenching, often sharp-witted debut novel from Houck, Simon, a 20-something hustler in Manhattan, and best friend Louis, a model, become victims of a particularly horrific gay bashing.
Ms Gillard, a cheerfully charismatic and sharp-witted 48-year-old former lawyer, came to power in a June 24 internal coup in her centre-left Labour Party during the first term of her predecessor, and almost immediately called elections to confirm her mandate.
He does like horses, and made a sharp-witted trainer instead.
Judges Arlene Phillips, Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli add to the entertainment with their sharp-witted comments and over-the-top reactions, even if they do seem a little scripted.
He was a sharp-witted and thoughtful individual with an active mind.