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Synonyms for sharp-sighted

keenly perceptive or alert

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Look out for your sharp-sighted buddies who can down beers in seconds and you're all set
HAWKEYE the sharp-sighted pet hawk at Wimbledon who keeps away
What I'm suggesting here is that security agencies recruit Lebanese mothers as top secret agents because, when it comes to securing access to closely guarded secrets, nothing escapes our inquisitive, sharp-sighted mamas -- in fact, they'd put 007 to shame.
Then, one sharp-sighted man walking by was about to throw in a coin when he noticed a bad coin in the bowl.
He gets the whole family involved as he takes host Tom Ackerman on his first quest for the quick and sharp-sighted Wyoming pronghorn on Wyoming's public land.
Syrian Environment Researcher Eiyad al-Saleem said bats are the only mammal animal that can fly, they are sharp-sighted and they possess strong sense of smell.
In her monumental work on celestial cartography, The Sky Explored, Deborah Jean Warner writes, "Lynx stands as a reminder of Hevelius' distrust of telescopic sights for stellar observations: to see the stars as a constellation, he wrote, you must be as sharp-sighted as a lynx.