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Synonyms for sharp-eyed

Synonyms for sharp-eyed

keenly perceptive or alert

having keen eyesight


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And if sharp-eyed viewers think that Mrs Amos looks surprisingly like her son in drag, well that's all part of the magic of television.
A sharp-eyed detective spotted the tiny tag amid debris at the scene and it helped prove Watson bought the tool at Wickes.
Utilizing the same concept that works for fluorocarbon--what fish can't see won't spook them--stealthy InvisaSwivels allow anglers to keep a twist-reducing swivel in their terminal rigging without having to resort to long leaders to fool sharp-eyed fish such as tuna.
Sharp-eyed fans will have noticed that Nicollette Sheridan's face has been missing from the opening titles since the latest run of the series began.
Sharp-eyed Bowhunter reader Bob Miles has pointed out an error in the "Notes & Regulations Changes" accompanying the "2008 Deer Forecast" (Oct/Nov 2008, page 146).
A SHARP-EYED onlooker was horrified when he saw a group of youths heading down fog-bound Marske beach towards the sea with a small boat.
Sharp-eyed nine-years-ohd kevein tolley saved his neighbours'bacon when he spotet a burglar in their house.
A SHARP-eyed passer-by thwarted a burglary at an antique shop yesterd ay.
However, they weren't clever enough to beat our sharp-eyed photographer, who apprehended the group outside the theatre, capturing this landmark picture.
A sharp-eyed perspective from an author who despises all forms of imperialism and is utterly unafraid to declare it.
Sharp-eyed motorists brought a danger driver before magistrates.
SHARP-eyed shoppers shuffling down Oxford Street might just have noticed that one of the dummies in the window was moving.
When the stamp was first issued, a sharp-eyed stamp enthusiast purchased a sheet of 100 and noticed that the plane was inverted.
Prices were stable to halfway as 2-1 shot Denman gave odds-on Karanja a lead, then some sharp-eyed layers noticed Denman hanging very badly on the turn into the back straight.