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having keen hearing


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Our sharp-eared source is pleased to explain that the Royle Family's superslob is, in fact, the voice of Crackers the Crab at the Maritime Museum's Shipwrecked exhibition.
They'll stay in the UK up until April, when the sharp-eared will occasionally pick up their high pitched song, uttered from the very tops of suitable trees.
Sharp-eared listeners might notice another mannerism in Cole Porter's style which could have afforded him a template for swift delivery: the trait of beginning a song with a phrase of repeated notes, followed by a second phrase built on a descending scale.
They were talking about relationships and how difficult they were to keep going," explained the sharp-eared reveller.
A couple of notes into the jingle and the sharp-eared Asda folk were out of their seats cheering the commercial which came onto the stadium's screen.
In this he does resemble all early poets whose work was delivered orally to a frequently illiterate, but sharp-eared audience.
When challenged to elaborate, the sharp-eared audio journalist and recording engineer simply and diplomatically stated, "For this kind of money, the consumer has the right to expect much better sound.
Dialogue is typically sharp-eared and more upbeat than of late.
Sharp-eared Sue Lynch, of Nottingham, wins a pounds 25 prize for her penalty spot.
Keyboardist Geri Allen illustrates how a sharp-eared musician can assimilate an array of sounds that would be unimaginable without what Eisenberg calls phonography.
And only for a sharp-eared music teacher at his former school Grosvenor Grammar in East Belfast, James' amazing talent may never have been realised.
is perfect, and so to determine whether what I heard is what the average, sharp-eared, musically inclined listener would also hear, I took all four units in to my "day" job and let a group of music-library catalogers work with them.