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Synonyms for sharp-cornered

having sharp corners


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Rather than the generic, sharp-cornered aluminum boxes, these were beautifully molded with round corners and had chromed, luggage-type locking hasps.
They are little more than sharp-cornered rectangular boxes made of folded aluminum sheet that's been heliarc welded at the seams on each end.
In contrast, crystals produced by vapor deposition - in effect, one atom at a time - can actually oscillate in shape between a sharp-cornered and a roundcornered form as they grow.
As the crystal gets larger, the physical conditions responsible for the shape oscillations exert less influence, and the crystal reverts to its sharp-cornered form.
For instance, a surprising prediction that liquids can flow in sharp-cornered containers was confirmed by photographs of a free-falling, liquid-containing vessel with a hexagonal cross section.