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Synonyms for sharp-angled

having sharp corners

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NTT DoCoMo will launch sharp-angled mobile phones with changing colors this year, while Vodafone plans to market foreign handsets in Japan.
At the other end, County keeper Stewart's busy evening continued when he brilliantly re- directed the ball down low from a sharp-angled Paul Ritchie strike.
On the final break to win the match, Agassi came back from 30-0 and won on a sharp-angled backhand volley.
And the keeper was responsible for making a string of fine saves both before and after Owen's sharp-angled strike as confident Wrexham clinched victory.
GIRLS, if your lipstick has a sharp-angled tip it means you are loveable but stubborn and need people around you.
Gavoille has made a virtue of necessity by filling the incredibly sharp-angled corner with the equally sharp angles of his spidery staircase.