sharp tongue

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a bitter or critical manner of speaking

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new on Monroe ITV1, 9pm Gifted at his job, but a pain in the gluteus maximus to his colleagues, Jim Nesbitt returns as Gregory House, er sorry, Gabriel Monroe, a neurosurgeon with a sharp tongue.
I have a sharp tongue, so a lot of what I say can be construed as bitchiness.
The 74-year-old has been nicknamed King Cobra because of his quick temper and sharp tongue.
Ricky Gervais will host the ceremony for the second year running, and there is already speculation over which celebrities will fall victim to his famously sharp tongue.
Walker was a regular at the Forresters Club off Newmarket's High Street and, while he had a sharp tongue with an ample spread of expletives, he was witty, very knowledgeable on horseracing and had many friends in the town.
SCOUSE actor Mark Moraghan knows all about Marcus Wareing's sharp tongue after an ear-bashing from the Southport-born cook on Celebrity Masterchef.
IT'S difficult to decide what to like most about English cricket's latest young find, Stuart Broad -the fact that he bowls fast and accurate from a height of 6ft 6in, that he has an alert mind, the appetite for a fight, a sharp tongue in a bout of verbals or the ability to score runs at No.
With a sharp tongue, a critical eye regarding organized belief systems, a good scarf, a cappuccino and some larger wheels, you can have a great time.
conspiracies, bathroom humor, and nothing about the present or past is safe from the narrator's sharp tongue and pen.
The dangerous implications of a war initiated and led under false pretenses, the strategic importance of oil and its fundamental motivation in a political and worldwide power grab, emerging decadence in the West and more are all chronicles with a cautious eye and a sharp tongue.
He has a sharp tongue and that is a help at a club.
Later on in the series, we'll be enjoying the sharp tongue of William Hague, Michael Parkinson and even good old Charlotte Church will be bringing a bit of showbiz bling to the presenter's chair.
Zhirinovskii, known for his sharp tongue, is also scheduled to watch the World Cup match between Japan and Russia on June 9 at Yokohama International Stadium, during his nine-day trip to Japan, the officials said.
Then, with a sharp tongue it drills a hole through its host's skin to feed on blood and tissue.