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surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing

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Properly formed foot or its stump is required to avoid foot subsequent deformities being the second important aspect after sharp debridement of wound or ulcer at the II stage of the wound process.
With a skilled wound care physician as part of our team, we are able to provide sharp debridement at bedside.
It consisted of sharp debridement, advanced local surgery such as limited bone resections if necessary, moist wound therapy, and adequate pressure off-loading.
Even with all the modern wound care products and technologies available, sharp debridement remains the quickest, easiest way to debride.
He will demonstrate adequate sharp debridement of the DFU, leaving a wound bed that meets the clinical criteria for skin grafting, followed by the proper thawing preparation process and application of Dermagraft to the wound.