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a smooth crisp fabric

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These test surfaces have helped to demonstrate that the sharkskin concept is highly suitable for long-range aircraft, since its drag-reducing surface is particularly effective during highspeed cruise flight.
These test surfaces have helped to demonstrate that the sharkskin concept is highly suitable for long-range aircraft, since its dragreducing surface is particularly effective during high-speed cruise flight.
Sharkskin instability is observed as low amplitude and high frequency distortions occurring on the surface of the extrudate, which origin was widely studied by many research groups and presented in several papers [23, 25, 26].
Planes are also becoming more aerodynamic with design changes like drag-reducing wingtip fins and a more slippery paint inspired by sharkskin.
The Cadillac memories the sharkskin petrol dialogues First encountered
The bench, made by Cisco Brothers, is of a gold-and-green fabric that brings to mind a classic sharkskin suit, but more luxurious to the touch.
Examples include the observation of small scale 'denticle' roughness on sharkskin, which have led to marine coatings which reduce hull friction by 5% and the likelihood of fouling by algae or barnacles.
Sprinting out on stage immediately after a funny, 15-minute warm-up set by Mark Schiff, Seinfeld -- wearing a classy sharkskin suit and dressy crimson tie combo (but, alas, no puffy shirt) -- looked more like a power-broker than Kramer's next-door neighbor.
Benjamin Moore Sharkskin 2139-30 (living room), Colling-wood 859 (bedroom), Midsummer Night 2134-20 (bath); benjamin moore.
Available in Kydex, premium cowhide, sharkskin and even more exotic materials, such as elephant, Wilson Combat holsters, belts and magazine and flashlight pouches are among the very best that I have ever wrapped around my waist.
While there are custom holsters out there made of everything from sharkskin to alligator, most belt holsters are made of either nylon, animal hide or plastic (Kydex, injection-molded polymer and similar constructions).
is working on adapting its textured film, which mimics the tiny raised patterns on sharkskin, for cell phone products.
A wide range of subjects from spider silks and sharkskin to climbing plants and human food processing are explored.
From golf balls which travel straighter to swimsuits which mimic sharkskin visitors to Designing the Dynamic can understand how the use of nanotechnology and smart materials can vastly improve people's sport performance.
In addition, it is a sequel to the author's previous memoir about her father, Man in the White Sharkskin Suit.