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a smooth crisp fabric

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Giacomin, "Dynamic Slip and Sharkskin Melt Fracture" RRC Report No.
Several highly viscous polymers are known to generate the condition known as sharkskin on the surface of extruded parts.
From golf balls which travel straighter to swimsuits which mimic sharkskin visitors to Designing the Dynamic can understand how the use of nanotechnology and smart materials can vastly improve people's sport performance.
In addition, it is a sequel to the author's previous memoir about her father, Man in the White Sharkskin Suit.
Lucette Lagnado, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, is the author of the award-winning The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit and The Arrogant Years: One Girl % Search for Her Lost Youth, From Cairo to Brooklyn.
He wore a white sharkskin suit and had an incredible aura about him.
A slew of grays are among the Benjamin Moore color suggestions for 2012 including Stardust 2108-40, Nimbus Gray 2131-50, Sharkskin 2139-30, Storm Cloud Gray 2140-30 and Revere Pewter HC-172.
The Rat Pack dressed sharply in Sharkskin suits, partied prodigiously, reportedly forged dangerous liaisons with underworld figures and became heavily involved in politics, particularly at the time of the nail-biting 1960 presidential election when their support probably swung undecided voters behind Kennedy against Nixon.
A grey Prince of Wales check, navy micro dot and also black and grey sharkskin are all available on a fashionable tailored fit.
There are hordes of young men in sharkskin suits and skinny ties, eyes out on stalks, bevvies of young women in thin dresses, nipples out on stalks.
When searching for a way to keep barnacles from sticking to ship hulls, Tony Brennan, a biomedical engineer at the University of Florida, looked to sharkskin that fends off microbes naturally.
Arguably the biggest departure from smooth fly lines is SA's Sharkskin line.
The pahu is carved from a single tree trunk, usually from breadfruit or coconut, and the waha is typically covered by sharkskin or, today, with cowhide.
Imitation sharkskin brings to mind cowboy boots, gaudy belts and flashy wallets.