shark repellent

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a measure undertaken by a corporation to discourage unwanted takeover attempts

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BCB International spokesman Philippe Minchin told Wales on Sunday: "The recent shark attacks have resulted in an increase in the number of inquiries we have received about our shark repellent.
Gilson, 1982, "The Case Against Shark Repellent Amendments--Structural Limitations on the Enabling Concept", Stanford Law Review, 34:775-836 R.
Surfers will enjoy added protection from shark attack when surfboards fitted with an electronic shark repellent go on sale early next year.
An electronic shark repellent is being developed in Australia to fit in the palm of the hand.
FIVE divers with shark repellent pods will patrol a world championship triathlon Olympic test event in Sydney harbour today.
During the Second World War the United States Navy put its faith in a chemical shark repellent but the sharks swam right through it.
Maybe you need some Shark Repellent - that's what Don Neff calls his zero defects service for builders.
With hundreds of pounds of bait in the water, the question beckoned whether a shark repellent is necessary.
Since I have a rooted objection to crossing picket lines, and since I observe a number of boycotts (like that of the Coors family's Colorado beer, which, besides financing the fascist fringe, tastes like a cross between sheep-dip and shark repellent and is thus quite easily avoided), I thought I owed an explanation for my apparent want of solidarity in this case.
Within several years, a majority of large corporations had adopted at least one shark repellent (Rosenbaum, 1988).
A Tenneco buyback, announced in the face of takeover threats, was described by Business Week as "potent shark repellent," even though Tenneco would have to take on $3 billion in debt to finance the purchase.
Because the shark hazard was perceived as more of a morale or perception problem than a real problem, the Navy tried other solutions while the shark repellent was being developed.
It supplies armed forces in Britain and the USA with all manner of James Bond-type gadgets including bombproof underpants, (pictured), tiny robot surveillance planes, an effective string-pull shark repellent and an air-pressurised cannon that stops pirates in their tracks.
These range from a machine to turn sea water into drinking water, a new lightweight heliograph signalling device and a shark repellent, tested and approved by the US navy.
Boca Raton, FL, said late last month that it has completed the first phase of testing on a sunscreen formulation containing a chemical shark repellent.