shark oil

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a fatty yellow to brown oil obtained from the livers of sharks

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In the undercover video, the owner only known as Li, explained that by killing three species of sharks, the factory can produce approximately 200 tonnes of shark oil every year.
Some ideas include: stop buying products made with shark oils; find another ingredient besides shark oil that works; and, make laws that make it illegal to kill sharks.
Previous studies have shown a connection between mercury and lupus in people, but this is a first for pristane, an environmental pollutant that also occurs naturally in mineral oil and shark oil.
used shark oil and gelatine in a lugworm mould and was featured on TV Tomorrow's World, when the presenter said it was good enough to eat
To make the chum at home you'll need 200 mackerel (minced), a pint of shark oil, a gallon of vegetable oil, three handfuls of bran and sea water to taste.