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Words related to shark

a person who is ruthless and greedy and dishonest

a person who is unusually skilled in certain ways

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play the shark

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hunt shark

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References in classic literature ?
So the shark went off and chased Ben Ali over to the Doctor.
asked the pirate, looking down sideways at the big shark who was smelling his leg under the water.
Then the Doctor turned to the big shark, and waving his hand he said,
These good sharks here have just offered to eat you up for me--and 'twould indeed be a good thing if the seas were rid of you.
The shark dropped back into the sea, helpless, yet with its full strength, doomed--to lingering starvation--a living death less meet for it than for the man who devised the punishment.
I wouldn't throw a sick cat overside with a shark around.
Don't tell me it is necessary for a shark to turn on its back.
I have always understood that the natives are not afraid of sharks.
I obeyed, swimming slowly on, while Otoo swam about me, keeping always between me and the shark, foiling his rushes and encouraging me.
The shark, finding that it was receiving no hurt, had become bolder.
He dropped in behind me, where the shark was preparing to come at me.
Knowing fully the peril of my act, I thrust the blunt-sharp end of my squid-stick into the side of the shark, much as one would attract a passing acquaintance with a thumb-nudge in the ribs.
About us, like buzzards, clustered the sharks and harpies.
They rolled out of the saloon and into the arms of the sharks and harpies.
But the sharks and sharks of various orders and degrees, he concluded, were on the surface.