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the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed

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The judicial official affirmed that such a man cannot be deemed fit for marriage under Shariah law.
com/after-piracy-crisis-somalia-battles-al-shabab-unemployment-hunger-ineffective-1882027) Somalia  are controlled by al-Shabab, and the group has imposed a strict version of Shariah law there.
In a letter dated April 15, the panel pressed lawmakers to support a pair of bills that aim to ensure Shariah law - the framework of a legal system based on Islam - does not creep into U.
Yet the Saudi Arabian authorities have fiercely defended their use of the death penalty, arguing that far from being the brutal acts of a notorious armed group, the executions they authorize are acts of justice, carried out in line with Islamic traditions and religious law, known as Shariah law, and only after the strictest fair trial standards are upheld.
Also the 'Time is of essence' clause in common law warrants for work to be done with due diligence and should be completed in reasonable time, thereby maintaining basic principles of Shariah law of fairness and equity.
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is currently drafting the rules that will allow Islamic banks to function without the use of interest ratesthe centerpiece of western finance that the Muslim world's Shariah law bans.
Through its strategic initiatives, ICD continues to successfully support the economic development of member countries through provision of finance to private sector projects in accordance with the principles of Shariah law.
Couples married in civil services or in churches could also be excluded from inheritance, as only Muslim marriages are recognized in Shariah law for succession.
They were accused of propagating anti-democratic ideology against the principles of the division of powers by imposing Shariah law in Bulgaria, thus threatening the national security.
Boko Haram is seeking to impose Shariah law in Africa's top oil producer.
The majority of non-Muslims in the UAE are unaware their assets will be distributed according to Shariah law after their death, which has led to many disputes among their heirs over the last few years, a new report revealed.
OKLAHOMA CITY * A federal judge struck down Oklahoma's constitutional amendment that would have prohibited judges in the state from considering Shariah law.
Citing Shariah law, it said the youngest and the most violent out of six accused should be tried as an adult.
With his intellectual roots having been secured in Shariah Law, Ibn Taimiyah answered many queries emanating from those complex situations with rare understanding and sympathy.
Global Rights' training programme offer practical legal education to fourth year students in faculties of Law and Political Science and Shariah Law.