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software that is available free of charge

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In 1992, the DP committee began discussing the potential of a shareware library with the OMFOA board of directors and other association members, and interest seemed strong.
First, the bulk of shareware (including freeware) is technically oriented.
Successful shareware must be good, since you do not pay unless you like it.
Start-up shareware developers benefit by gaining access to an open forum for exchanging information on software development and new services.
The ZDNet Shareware Awards affords us the opportunity to honor these talented entrepreneurs who make using technology more productive, easy and fun.
Program files might include various shareware utilities, such as communication programs and offline message readers.
Trouble is, say shareware authors, the only people making money from retail distribution seem to be shareware distributors, not developers.
Shareware (legally shared software) and pirated software (illegally shared software) are far and away the most prevalent sources of computer viruses.
Shareware, available through Public Brand Software P.
0 won the 2006 Shareware Industry Award (SIA) for Best Overall Utility.
a leading worldwide supplier of an e-business platform for the electronic trading of shareware, will be represented as one of the premium sponsors at this year's Shareware Industry Conference, "SIC 2000".
Zip-It is more feature-rich than other archiving utilities such as PKZIP and PKUNZIP, the popular shareware programs (available freely on the Web at www.
com), unofficial ``official'' shareware site on the Web.
The name shareware is given to legal shared software.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Protexis, provider of e-commerce and digital rights management (DRM) hosted services for software publishers, today announced that it is sponsoring and participating in the 16th annual Shareware Industry Conference (SIC), being held July 13 - 15, 2006, at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado.