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a holding in the form of shares of corporations

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In this article, Garrod and Harvey note that the White Paper s proposals come amidst continued opposition from businesses and the investor community, and are of particular concern to investors acquiring minority shareholdings in businesses active on the same or closely related markets, and to firms acquiring minority interests in joint ventures or other strategic alliances.
Al-Rabia pointed out that among the shareholdings being studied by the Committee is Joharat Al-Sharq after the issuance of a royal order recently that the Committee is competent to examine this file and finish it.
Hence, ECT has initiated the Small Shareholdings Sale Facility as a convenient and cost effective way for shareholders to sell their Small Shareholding of shares, free of brokerage.
The amount was absorbed by the Banks' Shareholdings Purchase Corp.
In line with the previously disclosed remuneration structure for the members of Sistema's Board of Directors, each member's shareholding in the Company has been increased by 76 shares, or 0.
before consummation), examinations of acquisitions of minority shareholdings.
The Commission had previously found the initial Spanish scheme that allowed companies to deduct the financial goodwill arising from foreign acquisitions of shareholdings from their tax base incompatible with the state aid rules because it gave the beneficiaries a selective economic advantage over their competitors that carry out domestic acquisitions.
8 trillion yen worth of shareholdings in the market, excluding shares that Shinsei Bank and Aozora Bank bought back and those that individual companies purchased.
Shareholdings International Performance Share Plan, purchase of
HONG KONG -- The boards of Air China, Cathay Pacific, China National Aviation Company (CNAC), CITIC Pacific and Swire Pacific today announced an agreement to realign their shareholding structures and create one of the world's strongest airline groupings.
Sistema JSFC, the largest publicly-traded diversified holding company in Russia and the CIS, today announces new allocations to the Sistema Board of Directors shareholdings in the Company.
Atlas Mara s intended acquisition of a controlling shareholdings in BancABC is acquisition on the continent as it lays a base for future similar deals.
Cross-shareholding ties between businesses have been sharply liquidated over the past decade as companies have aggressively offloaded the shareholdings to minimize the impact of stock market falls on their management, according to a report released Wednesday by a leading private-sector economic research institute.
NYSE:ELE), has resolved to restructure its Brazilian shareholdings.