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small farmers and tenants

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For this reason, as far as the Zolfino bean is concerned, it is necessary to consider the relationship between the self-sustaining sharecropping system, where the Zolfino bean originally belonged, and the contemporary heritage policies where it has been introduced.
After the war he is outraged when freed slaves are brought back into bondage through the demeaning practice of sharecropping that continues to give the white landowners a source of cheap labor.
Their stories about growing up poor and black in the segregated South, the stories of sharecropping and migration, the stories about the hard choices families made every day in pursuit of the "American Dream" -pulled back the curtain to reveal the desperate and hopeful faces behind the statistics.
Stiglitz (1982) Sharecropping and the Interlinkage of Agrarian Markets.
Bernstein, who has many projects, recently added a 2-acre biodynamic farm in a sharecropping agreement with a winery.
Sharecropping dominates the floodplains while landlords lead comfortable lifestyles in Karachi, living off the profits of this feudal agrarian economy.
The earlier arrangement was based on sharecropping between the military farms administration and tenants.
We come from sharecropping," says Baltimore's Joyce Smith, noting that frauught period during which Blacks, nevertheless, learned valuable lessons in farm production.
In retrospect, Mann recognizes that he underestimated the cost of his gamble; however, we need only recall the position of the sharecropping family in "Silt"--$800 in debt (in 1927 dollars) before the floods--to begin to grasp the reasons for that gamble.
The whole family would go off sharecropping, like the tomato harvest in Indiana, and I'd take my guitar and play with the guys around the fire after the day's work.
My father, Graham Stanley Woodard, who passed away in 2008, was born into a sharecropping family in the 1930's," explains Woodard.
The leaders, who have united under an umbrella forum called Kisan Mahapanchayat, allege that the state government plans to bring a sharecropping Bill to implement the D.
Long-term leases, shorter-term cash arrangements, and sharecropping all had a place in the land market.
Planting Hope on Worn-Out Land: History of the Tuskegee Land Utilization Project, Macon County, Alabama 1935-1959 is a thoughtful historical chronicle of a project that helped rehabilitate the barely farmable land that African-Americans were sharecropping upon at the close of the Civil War.
Most agree that the persistence of poverty and social inequality is the legacy of the institutional practices of slavery, sharecropping, segregation, and racial discrimination in one of the world's richest and most productive agricultural sites.