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small farmers and tenants

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The IRS ruled in Letter Ruling 201722019 that sharecropping revenue and rental income were not considered passive investment income under Sec.
During the period of 5 years the beneficiary population, the returnees, who have been previously in the camps and elsewhere are going to benefit from cultivating the land during 5 years without paying for the sharecropping.
Ruby's sharecropping grandparents were evicted from the farm where they had lived for a quarter-century.
Scott about 'everyday forms of resistance' and 'hidden transcript', 'structuration theory' of Giddensand Meijl's elaboration of 'self' and 'identities' have been applied to understand diversified nature of resistance in sharecropping relationship.
This article proposes an ethnography starting with a contemporary analysis of the creation of a food heritage in the Valdamo Valley, a post sharecropping territory (1) located between Arezzo and Florence, in Tuscany.
Impassioned and naive, Agee and Walker Evans, the Farm Security Administration photographer he recruited to join him, arrived in the Cotton Belt with little idea of what sharecropping entailed or where the farmers might be found.
Work was hard for Vernal cutting timber in the woods using mules and sharecropping.
Orbie's sharecropping grandparents, by defying convention with unnerving grace, become founts of colloquial wisdom whose appeal is impossible to resist, and the Orbie they nurture -- the best version of a boy who may otherwise have been lost -- is someone the reader comes to love.
As the fear of the boll weevil passed into myth, Southerners came to blame it for their poverty and backwardness, but it was only a convenient scapegoat that masked the hard realities of a rural economy built on sharecropping, racism, lynching, crop liens, perpetual debt, and enslavement to monocrop agriculture.
United Arab Emirates) analyzes how 17th- through early 19th-century Hanafi law (official Ottoman law), as evidenced in legal opinions and legal commentaries from Ottoman-ruled Syria, legally defined sharecropping and tenancy agreements and tenant/landlord rights and obligations.
Lawmakers also ended the Bracero program, a guest worker scheme for Latin Americans that critics put "on a par with Southern sharecropping.
Whether through the memoirs of men and women who sought their freedom from a then-legal institution on the Underground Railroad or the impassioned pleas of African Americans and immigrants trapped in sharecropping and peonage in the years after the Civil War, slavery's brutal toll has been given witness time and again by those who suffered and survived.
After the war he is outraged when freed slaves are brought back into bondage through the demeaning practice of sharecropping that continues to give the white landowners a source of cheap labor.
En este sentido, se puede esgrimir desde una postura clasica de la economia, que la figura del sistema de Sharecropping, se debilita en relacion inversa con el fortalecimiento industrial.
Sharecropping dominates the floodplains while landlords lead comfortable lifestyles in Karachi, living off the profits of this feudal agrarian economy.