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small farmers and tenants

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In 1926, for instance, black sharecropper Joe Hardy raised what he thought was a good crop on the plantation of John S.
According to the BB data, a total of 1,19,803 sharecroppers have got benefits till now in the current financial year 2017-2018.
The sharecroppers had come together to unionize in order to get better payments for their cotton crops.
A keenly vivid portrayal of the lives, trials, and tribulations of three white sharecropper families in the mid-1930's (during the soul-crushing height of the Great Depression), Let Us Now Praise Famous Men is especially recommended for public and college library collections, as are the previous two volumes collecting the life's work of James Agee: "A Death in the Family" (9781572335943, $49.
Drought, a novel by Ronald Fraser, revolves around the suicide of a young sharecropper living in rural Spain during the mid-1950s.
While making informal agreement, sharecropper is supposed to do Begar of his landlord, mainly to ensure his or her continuity of land tenure.
Virginia, who, besides being a sharecropper, is a practicing psychiatrist, says that the secret of their garden success is helping each other out and having fun.
Included in the physical record are numerous domestic structures that represent the sharecropper period in Alabama history.
And also maybe consider ways to think about how a future story could highlight and remind us of all we have to learn about race, gender and sexuality from the story of this truth-telling African-American daughter of a sharecropper.
Even sharecropper Murphy's overalls in the opening scenes look clean and brand-new, fresh from wardrobe.
Alice Walker came from a sharecropper background, is blind in one eye, and grew up during the Civil Rights Movement: her biography and literary works are revealed in Gerri Bates' Alice Walker: A Critical Companion (0313320241 $39.
Generously using Clarke's own words, Swanston provides interesting and much-needed insight into how Clarke, the son of a poverty-stricken Alabama sharecropper and a man who never received more than a seventh-grade formal education, greatly devoted himself to self-education and serious study.
Professor Moye convincly demonstrates how the civil rights movement was able to generate a successful challenge to the structures of slavery and sharecropper society in Sunflower County.
He began recording in 1949 and former sharecropper turned blues master King hasn't stopped working since.
In 1930, by the estimate of a commission investigating the sharecropper system, eight and a half million people in the 10 chief cotton-producing states were living in tenant-farming families.