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small farmers and tenants

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The results indicate that the NPV for sharecrop managed farm is positive and estimated to be N28,956.
In Applegate, the taxpayer, a sharecrop landlord in Illinois, entered into a price-later contract which provided that the seller could fix the price at any time but no later than one year from the date of the contract.
He was a sharecrop farmer's son in Rio Hondo, Texas, and his bedroom was a screened-in back porch.
Rather, the young Paul Pond from Portsmouth was a blues singer and his throaty notes were lifted from the sharecrop ping minstrels of the Mississippi delta, whose songs reached the English suburbs by way of our own Lonnie Donegan and America's white rock `n' rollers, led by Elvis.
501(c)(3) bond proposals and documents; research grants and contracts; bookstores; sharecrop leases; and the use of campus buildings and facilities.
According to this reasoning, African Americans with land will enjoy equal rights as Euro-Americans, an advantageous position denied to Boy Willie's father, who had no option but to sharecrop for the white man:
4,1937," box 1, Farm Tenancy Committee Records, RG 83; "The Sharecrop Contract," Southern Farm Leader, April/May 1937, 3.
The sense of fulfillment arose from the fact that there were chances to exchange the dull drudgery of sharecrop farming for protected work under unionized agreements.