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Synonyms for share

go halves on


  • go halves on
  • divide
  • go fifty-fifty on
  • go Dutch on

share in something


share something out

Synonyms for share

one's proper or expected function in a common effort

to have a share, as in an act or result; have a hand in

Synonyms for share

any of the equal portions into which the capital stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is evidenced by a stock certificate

the allotment of some amount by dividing something

the part played by a person in bringing about a result

a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil

have in common

have, give, or receive a share of

give out as one's portion or share


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Other high-profile clients who have already used Shareable Apps include Clearasil, Channel 4 UK, The Mushroom Group, The Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre, and numerous others across a wide range of industries.
Amplifier Corporation, Shareable Apps parent company, recently completed a Series A funding round, attracting $3.
Gribbons of Bentley University added, We are excited to work in partnership with Shareable Ink on our Human Factors in Information Design program.
Small Screen Producer helps businesses reach their full potential and achieve their sales and marketing goals by creating searchable, socially shareable and viral content.
Once verified, the information flows directly into Shareable Ink's intraoperative EHR and populates all of the relevant sections of the anesthesia preoperative assessment.
RBSEE developed this program to meet a clear need for practical, hands-on instruction in creating shareable media," Fine said.
The transition of the LOS to shareable services using the .
Beginnings, all shareable, are headed by a platter dubbed ``pork chop styx'' ($10) of a quartet of superb flattened boneless chops on skewers flavored with coconut and peanut sauces.
Consumers Can Manage Deals on the Go and Share Them via Social Networks, Mobile Developers Able to Create Link Enabled, Shareable Offers on Any App
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Surgical Notes, a nationwide provider of transcription, coding, and document management services for the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and surgical hospital markets, and Shareable Ink, the enterprise cloud computing company that transforms point-of-care clinical documentation to structured data and analytics, announced a new strategic partnership, effective immediately.
Plus, some gifts are shareable with three Facebook friends, enabling cardmembers to spread the joy this holiday season.
This quick survey will yield shareable data, comparing 2012 and 2013 trends and best-practices.
It's very easy here to fill up a table with numerous shareable plates, especially in view of the moderate pricing.
According to Latitude Research and Shareable Magazine, online services that help people share physical assets offer tremendous opportunities.
50, shareable entrees from $7 to $13, desserts $2 each.