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a tool for shaping metal

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Published in collaboration with Cosmopolitan, the number one young women's magazine in the world, the CD-ROM also features blush, eye shadow, lipstick, hair highlights, an eyebrow shaping tool, colored contacts and more.
To effectively facilitate a global conversation at the forefront of healthcare, a dedicated team of Digitas Health strategists and community managers are attending the conference and shaping tools that visualize the true impact of different voices over the course of the conference.
Various force shaping tools are utilized as needed with an objective to maintain a balanced inventory between 98 and 102 percent of authorized manning per year group.
Potters wheels & turntables Shaping tools (Paddles, anvils, ribs) Rolling tools (roulettes, slab rollers, rolling pins) Cutting/piercing tools (knives, fluting tools, wires) Finishing tools (Burning Stones, rasps, chamois)
We have a portfolio of force shaping tools, including SRB, to retain the Sailors necessary to execute mission requirements.
EDI specializes in building and reworking flat dies, which are shaping tools used by manufacturers to produce plastic film and sheet or to apply coatings onto various substrates.
Like Shea, Marean regards pressure flaking as a simple way to finish shaping tools made from certain types of stone.
Tools chosen for the Pilot Program Book include sawing toots, shaping tools, CNC machines, adhesives and damping tools, finishing tools and much more.
The tasks of the mason consist of producing horizontal and vertical surfaces which are precisely flat, and these would require cutting and shaping tools and measuring instruments.
Research can ensure a more efficient use of shaping tools in conflict prevention.
No external forces or shaping tools are required, eliminating the need for shaping tools such as dies and rollers.
JustEnough Mobile was selected for the 2011 Best Mobility Application Partner Award because the solution combines advanced demand shaping tools with mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA).
This active decision-engine is far more efficient than simply adding more bandwidth or using traditional traffic shaping tools.
Users can start with simple prismatic or analytic geometry and use advanced shaping tools to form complex organic models in significantly less time.
Dies are the shaping tools used by manufacturers to transform molten plastic into film or to apply functional coatings onto film, metal foil, or other substrates.