shaping machine

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a machine tool for shaping metal or wood

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The technical and quality characteristics of shaping pipe in Vee at 115[degrees] by rolling-pressed on the shoe support and shaping machine are similar with the Bosch characteristics.
Live machining demonstration of the "SE25A" dry-cut gear shaping machine
s gear shaping machines, involute/lead masters and related products, including parts inventory and work in process from what once was the Goldman Vermont Group, Springfield, VT.
Drawing on that experience, the new deal with Bourn & Koch has Star-SU in a general marketing relationship whereby it will promote, represent, and sell Bourn & Koch-built Fellows gear shaping machines through existing Star-SU and B&K distribution channels.
On a National level, NFPA reported that from 1994 through 1998, the leading cause of fires and direct property damage in industrial and manufacturing structures was "other equipment," which included shaping machines, processing equipment, furnaces, waste recovery equipment, forging equipment, and conveyors.
The product segments discussed in the data reports include: Machining centres Single/multistation transfer machines Lathes for removing metal Metal drilling machines Metal milling and boring machines Metal tapping and threading machines Metal grinding machines Metal sharpening machines Metal lapping and honing machines Other metal finishing machine tools Metal slotting and shaping machines Metal broaching machines Metal sawing and cutting-off machines Other metal shaping machines Machine tools for forging, die-stamping and bending metal Other machine tools for working metals Parts and accessories for metalworking machine tools
Major exhibiting profile includes unprocessed blocks of marble, indoor and outdoor claddings, drilling machines, excavation equipments, Marble Polishing Machineries, hydraulic presses, blasting machines, Mining and processing equipments of ornamental stones, stone quarrying equipments and instruments, shaping machines and other tools.
Technologia ksztaltowania czesci maszyn o malej sztywnosci (Technology shaping machines for small parts rigidity), Politechnika Lubelska, ISBN 83-89246-84-8, Lublin
She has invested heavily in her dream venture with more than pounds 90,000 being spent on the body shaping machines alone.
has been named chairman, in order to give him time to pursue other business opportunities while still contributing to the company's growth in automatic portion control slicing, sawing and shaping machines and systems for the meat, fish and poultry processing industries.
Instead, turning machines from FCC Olofsson, Lansing, MI, gear shaving machines from Kanzaki, gear shaping machines from Lorenz, and gear hobbers from Liebherr were brought to the Liebherr floor, assembled, connected with automation, and run off as an integrated system, including electric, hydraulic, chip conveyors.
company in precision grinding technology and Fellows is a leader in producing gear shaping machines.
It can take up to ten shaping machines to duplicate the output of one pot broach machine.
These products include cylindrical gear cutting tools, gear hobbing and grinding machines for large cylindrical gears and gear shaping machines.