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the quality of having a well-rounded body

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Yet (as every craftsman learns) there is a place for care and patience as well as for bold action in the pursuit of shapeliness and beauty.
Were it not for the composition of the picture, I wouldn't confront the singular solidity and shapeliness of the rock at all, let alone through the duck's body, which is precisely what allows me to have an embodied relationship with the rock.
This joy and grief becomes a grace that shows through in his craft, both in the shapeliness and delight of what he forges and his singing while he works.
The shapeliness and symmetry of the image enthrals and entraps the child exceedingly.
He has lost the shapeliness of the heroic lifespan.
And judge not for mere shapeliness alone, but for the clearness and texture of skin, for brightness of eye and lustre of hair; also for grace and ease of movement; also - and this is important - for that happiness of expression which does as much to enhance a pretty face as its finest FEATURES.
There's no question the Miss India contest is vapid, exploitative and degrading; at one point, organizer Marc Robinson, in order to better judge the shapeliness of his contestants' legs, has them parade up and down the runway covered in linen sacks, with only their limbs exposed.
Their faults now only foibles and all the meanness and pathos, the hoarding and generosities, the stoniness and warmth, part of their allure, part of the layered shapeliness.
At 37, her blond shapeliness keeps the men looking.
In a special issue of the Seneca Review (Fall 1997), editor Deborah Tall and associate editor John D'Agata coin the term "lyric essay" to describe this reconstituted medium: "The lyric essay partakes of the poem in its density and shapeliness, its distillation of ideas and musicality of language.
The videos feature a very scantily clad model doing excercises that are meant to improve the shapeliness of her backside - one while wearing 4-inch platform heels - and receiving a "rigorous polishing and buffing".
Language has Confrontations deepest loyalty, and particularly the language that in its shapeliness, its suppleness, and its complexity, engenders literature.
An imposing blue she-witch, her ethereal beauty is both attractive through its shapeliness and repulsive through its otherworldliness and the intimations of danger.
9) Turgenev describes the executioner's "beautiful hands of remarkable whiteness" (250) and the guillotine itself, its "sort of sinister shapeliness, the shapeliness of a long, carefully stretched out swan's neck" (253).
The filing also read, "In a regressive response more suitable for reality television than a white-shoe corporation in the 21st century, plaintiff was advised that these other comparator females may wear what they like, as their general unattractiveness rendered moot their sartorial choices, unlike plaintiff, whose shapeliness could not be heightened by beautifully tailored clothing.