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Synonyms for shapely

Synonyms for shapely

having a full, voluptuous figure

Antonyms for shapely

having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape


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At which point predictability takes over the reins as Leatherface cranks up his trusty saw and the kids are variously sliced, diced, drained or hung up on meat hooks until only the girl with the shapeliest breasts (that'll be Jessica Biel) is left to discover the grisly truth about the inbred cannibalistic community and live to tell the cops the tale.
SHE used to boast that her pins were the shapeliest in the House of Commons, admittedly at a time when the competition w asn't that stiff, despite the admiring glances occasionally directed at Ann Widdecombe's nobly sculpted ankles.
And now consider the wood kayak: this shapeliest of boats in the most expressive of materials.
Co-stars Dawn French and Clive Russell had the funniest lines, but Minnie had the shapeliest ones.
They are the scrawniest, thick or shapeliest, gnarly bird-like legs, men's legs that is, that mankind has ever produced.
The ceremony honours male and female celebs with the shapeliest bums and is taken rather seriously.
25Years Ago Lord's cricket ground was treated yesterday to some of the shapeliest legs ever seen before its wickets.