shape constancy

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the tendency to perceive the shape of a rigid object as constant despite differences in the viewing angle (and consequent differences in the shape of the pattern projected on the retina of the eye)

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As with fluid topologies, "movement rather than stasis is crucial" for shape constancy; "the difference is that while in fluids, constancy depends on gradual change, in a topology of fire, shape constancy is produced in abrupt and discontinuous movements" (Law and Mol, 2001, page 615).
that] returns to its center to shoot out new beams" (Bachelard, 1964, page 14, quoted in Law and Mol, 2001, page 615) to articulate "one version (only one version) of shape constancy in the space of fire" as marked by "a relatively stable set of star-like enactments between a single present and multiple absences" (page 616).
Further, an attention to the emergence and vicissitudes of residual China (wherein the flickering of boundaries enables the production of a world) both suggests an alternate mode of envisioning shape constancy in the space of fire and pushes the would-be social topologist to reflect further on the dynamics of intertopological interference (and intratopological interference).
Bachelard's concept of 'reverie' as a star-shaped pattern holding together a single present center and multiple absent peripheries (others) they call "one version (only one version) of shape constancy in the space of fire" (2001, page 616).
In the spirit of this invitation, I offer in response the particular spatiality of Cold-War-era residual Chineseness as an example of an alternate mode of shape constancy in fire space.
Increased use of pattern was observed in the drawings of children who were involved in the Graphic Image Skills Training program, as well as increased skill in visual spatial judgment, shape constancy, size gradation, visual differentiation of letters and their sounds, and the use of these skills was evident in general classroom tasks.
Object constancy is distinct from shape constancy in that view differences in object constancy are explicitly perceptible, while changes in view resulting in shape constancy are not explicitly perceived.
Fine orientation discrimination and shape constancy in young infants.
Since the ellipse remains symmetrical when presented at a slant, there are no cues to reveal its 'real' shape, so shape constancy in a perceptual or perspective sense cannot be an issue.
Presumably, it is not to do with classic notions of shape constancy in the perceptual sense, concerning information that is inherent in the visual input.
Influence of instructions on degree of shape constancy.
A theory of shape constancy based on perspective invariants.